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The Emerald City in OzWorkforce Development is a little like the Emerald City:  it's the place you go to get what you need so you can go somewhere else.  Dorothy went to the Emerald City to get home to Kansas.  Presumably, you'll want to go somewhere besides Kansas.

"Somewhere" can be as big as your next promotion.  "Somewhere" can be a new skill, increased knowledge, or an expanded ability you want to acquire.  "Somewhere" can be a journey of personal discovery such as attaining skills to create and maintain Life Balance, learning techniques to support your health and wellness, or learning new ways to deliver excellent customer service. 

(If you have the right red shoes, you might even go to Kansas!)

Making Your Way to the Emerald City

The Yellow Brick Road in Oz 1Our mission at Workforce Development is to enhance the capacity of every County employee to provide effective and efficient services to other County departments and to the residents of and visitors to the County of Sonoma.  We want you to become the very best you are capable of being.

The Yellow Brick Road in Oz 3We accomplish this by offering a variety of programs, initiatives, and approaches which you will find discussed in greater detail elsewhere on this site. We believe that each employee owns his or her own employability.  This means that you are responsible for obtaining and maintaining the skills, knowledge, and abilities you need for your existing position as well as any future positions in which you might have an interest. 

The Yellow Brick Road in Oz 2Our offerings include classroom learning opportunities, onlinecourses, certification programs for several employment levels within the County, multi-class training packages geared to particular job classifications, and succession planning efforts to build a talent pool of future County leaders. 

We'll help you own your employability and become the best you possibly can be—both today and for the future. 

See you in Oz!

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