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  • Almost all of the County’s construction work is done by private-sector contractors who must provide two bonds to guarantee their work; a performance bond and a labor and materials bond.

  • It is the Contract Manager’s responsibility to review insurance documentation to determine if it satisfies our requirements. The checklist will assist you in verifying that all of the requirements have been met.

  • Contract Insurance Requirements - Reference Guide

  • Links to helpful resources, tools, and instructions for emailing Risk Management.

  • Legal Names on Endorsements: Insurance templates are used by multiple Departments and Agencies. It is important that the correct legal entity be shown on any additional insured endorsement that is required.

  • What is Professional Liability and when is it required?

  • Each Department or Entity has primary responsibility for obtaining and tracking insurance requirements for its contracts.

  • Examples and explanations of common forms used in conjunction with insurance requirements on contracts.

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