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Accident / Incident Investigation Report (PDF: 177 kB)

Advance Salary & Relocation Incentives: Appointments

Advanced Salary Step For Unrepresented Employees(PDF: 103 kB)

ADA Title II Grievance Procedure Complaint Form (PDF: 69 kB)

Affidavit of Domestic Partnership and Termination (PDF: 34 kB)

Automobile Mileage Claim (PDF: 126 kB)

Background Checks & Reference Checks

Benefits Enrollment & Change Forms

Case of Excellence Procedure

Department Employee Recognition Award

Deputy Sheriff´s Association: Departmental Grievance Form (PDF: 117 kB)

Employee Hazard Report (PDF: 205 kB)

Ergonomics Program

Exit Survey (PDF: 93 kB)

Incompatible Activities Policy (requires intranet access)

Medical Leave Policy

Multi-Change Transaction Form (PDF: 92 kB - must have intranet access)

Pre-Employment Appointment Request (PDF: 70 kB)

Relocation Incentives and Reimbursement Expenses Request (PDF: 43 kB)

Request for Catastrophic Leave (PDF: 32 kB)

Retiree Extra Help Compliance Form (PDF: 358 kB)

Salary Step Adjustment for Unrepresented Employees (PDF: 103 kB)

Staff Development Program

Supervisor’s Report of Occupational Injury / Illness / Exposure (PDF: 205 kB)

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