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Sonoma County Law Enforcement Association (SCLEA)

The Sonoma County Law Enforcement Association represents approximately 529 positions in law enforcement, criminal investigations, probation services, juvenile justice, parks, and fire services. SCLEA members work in Probation, Fire & Emergency Services, Regional Parks, Human Services, Sheriff, and the District Attorney’s Office. Refer to Appendix A of the MOU for a list of job classifications in this bargaining unit.  

 The Memorandum of Understanding between the County of Sonoma and the Sonoma County Law Enforcement Associations a contract that represents the negotiated agreement on all of the subjects contained in the document for the specified time period.

MOU Status: Negotiations Completed

MOU Expiration Date: May 7, 2018

  • Published on May 2, 2016

    The County of Sonoma and Sonoma County Law Enforcement Association (SCLEA) met on April 25, 2016 and finalized language for a tentative agreement for a successor contract.  The tentative agreement was ratified by the SCLEA membership on April 29, 2016. The tentative agreement is a multi-year deal with a 3% cost of living increase effective in May 2016, and in March 2017, and includes significant changes to County contributions toward medical benefits.

  • Published on April 15, 2016

    The County of Sonoma and Sonoma County Law Enforcement Association (SCLEA) have reached a tentative agreement on proposals for terms and conditions of a multi-year successor MOU. The parties will meet again April 25th to finalize agreement language. The agreement is subject to ratification by the SCLEA membership, and the Board of Supervisors.

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