FSA Annual Enrollment

Doctor Tablet Annual EnrollmentThe Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Annual Enrollment period is from October 8 through October 26, 2018. This is your opportunity to enroll in or make changes to your annual 2019 FSA elections. If you are currently enrolled in the 2018 FSA Program, and want to participate during calendar year 2019, you will need to submit a new enrollment election during this Annual Enrollment period.

    FSA Annual Enrollment Information

    2019 FSA Annual Enrollment Meetings 

    County employees are invited to attend one of the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Program Educational Sessions. Sessions may be attended on County time with Supervisor approval. No registration is required.

    2019 FSA Guide

     2019 FSA Tools and Resources

    2019 Employee Self-Service FSA Annual Enrollment Instructions

    Beginning October 8, 2018 Employee Self-Service (ESS) eP will be open for you to make election changes for the new Plan Year that starts January 1, 2019.