2019 - 2020 Benefits Annual Enrollment

Doctor Tablet Annual EnrollmentAnnual Enrollment is a time to review your family's changing needs.

Take advantage of the annual enrollment period to evaluate your existing coverage and decide whether to continue with your current choices or make a change.


Employee Annual Enrollment is March 11 - 29, 2019

Extra-Help Annual Enrollment is March 11 - 29, 2019

Retiree Annual Enrollment is March 18 - April 5, 2019

Annual enrollment for Employee, Extra-Help Employee and Retiree benefits are based on the benefit plan year, June 1 to May 31 each year.

    Employee Self-ServiceeP Employee Self-Service

    Need Help With Annual Enrollment Decisions?

    Contact CareCounsel Health Advocacy Program at (888) 227-3334 or at staff@carecounsel.com.  Member Care Specialists are available 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST Monday thru Friday.

    This is a confidential service staffed by health care experts who can answer your questions about the differences between health plans offered by the County, how to use your health plan, and help resolve problems you encounter with your medical, dental or vision plans.  CareCounsel is not  a health insurance plan, but is an advocacy service dedicated to hep you get the best out of your health plans and to help you access the care you need.  When you use the health advocacy service, you have CareCounsel's assurance that no identifying information will be shared with the County.