Commodity Buyer Assignments

Commodity  Buyer 

Plants, Nursery, Greenhouse, Christmas Trees, Garden Tools Supplies and Service 
also see: Chemicals

Kayla Martin
Alarm Systems
Equipment, Installation, Service, and Supplies 
also see: Electrical Systems
Liz Cureton
see: Law Enforcement Equipment and Supplies 
Kayla Martin
Feed, Forage, Grooming, Training 
Kayla Martin
Appliances, Household
Dryers, Washing Machines, Stoves, Refrigerators 
also see: Kitchen Equipment and Supplies 
also see: Electric Equipment, Domestic
Kayla Martin 
Armored Car ServiceLiz Cureton
Art SuppliesKayla Martin
Auction ServiceLiz Cureton
Equipment, Supplies, Parts, and Repairs, TV, VCR, Radio 
also see: Photographic Equipment
Kayla Martin
Equipment, Supplies, Parts, and Repairs 
Axle, Engine, Clutch, Body, Driveline, Wheel, Tires 
Auto Body, Painting and Glass Repair 
Passenger Cars, Pick-ups, Vans; Purchase, Lease-Purchase and Rental 
also see: Buses Towing Heavy Equipment
Kayla Martin
Employee Recognition Items 
also see: Stationery
Kayla Martin 
see: Law Enforcement Equipment and Supplies
Kayla Martin 
All kinds 
Signe Sugiyama
Service and Supplies 
Kayla Martin
Purchase and Rental 
Motors, Parts, Repairs 
Marine Gear and Hardware
Liz Cureton
see: Printing and Allied Services
Kayla Martin
BridgeLiz Cureton
Building Material
Lumber, Glass, Roofing, Cabinetry, Doors, etc. 
also see: Construction Materials
Liz Cureton
Building, Portable
Modular Buildings, Leases 
also see: Contractors (for installed structures)
Liz Cureton
Parts, Equipment, Tires, Repairs
Liz Cureton
see: Photographic Equipment
Signe Sugiyama 
Medical and Non-Medical 
Herbicides, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Water Treatment
Kayla Martin 
Chlorination Equipment
Equipment, Parts
Kayla Martin
Cleaning Service
Kitchen Equipment 
also see: Janitorial Service Contracts
Liz Cureton
Outer and Inner Clothing 
Special Purpose Clothing: Hospital, Rainwear 
also see: Shoes Textiles Uniforms
Kayla Martin
Mobile Radios, Pagers, Telephones, and Related Electronics 
Remote Telemetry Equipment
Signe Sugiyama
Computer Hardware; Purchase, Rental and, Maintenance 
Computer Software 
Computer Supplies 
On-Line Service
Signe Sugiyama
Construction and Highway Maintenance Equipment
see: Heavy Equipment
Liz Cureton
Construction Materials
Fencing, Culvert Pipe, etc. 
also see: Building Materials
Kayla Martin
Contractor (Service Only or Service that Include Materials)
Asbestos Removal, Fencing, Glazing, HVAC, Remodeling, Concrete, Electrical, Tile, Millwork, Painting, Sheet Metal, Paving, Plumbing, Welding, Roofing, Cabinet Work, etc.
Liz Cureton
Rental, Lease or Lease/Purchase and Maintenance
Signe Sugiyama
Courier ServiceLiz Cureton
Court ReportingLiz Cureton
DentalKayla Martin
see: Pharmaceuticals
Kayla Martin
Educational Supplies
see: Stationery
Kayla Martin
Electric Equipment, Domestic
Fans, Room Heaters and Air Conditioners, Sewing Machines, Clocks, etc. 
also see: Appliances, Household
Kayla Martin
Equipment and Supplies 
Wire, Cable, Pole Line, Electrical Hardware, Transformers, Rectifiers, Converters, Batteries, Motors (not automotive), Flashlights, Lanterns, Electrical Light Fixtures, Light Bulbs, Generators, etc.
Signe Sugiyama
Electrical Systems
Signal Systems, Phone Systems, Intercoms, Public Address Systems, and C.C.T.V. 
also see: Alarm Systems
Liz Cureton
Electronic Systems
Equipment, Installation, Maintenance and Supplies
Liz Cureton
Elevator Equipment and MaintenanceLiz Cureton
Engineering Equipment and Supplies
Drafting: Furniture, Instruments, Machines, Parts and Accessories, Paper, Drawing, Tracing Cross-Sections, etc. 
Surveying Equipment and Supplies: Hand Instruments, Levels, Compasses, Rods, etc., Transit, Levels, Plumb Bobs, Tripods, Targets etc. 
Blueprint Service
Kayla Martin
Equipment Rental
also see: Heavy Equipment Lawn and Garden
Signe Sugiyama
Machines and Supplies 
Purchase, Rental, Maintenance
Signe Sugiyama
Film and Film Processing
Go to the Commodity that is being financed
Kayla Martin
Fire Equipment and Supplies
Extinguishers, Hoses, Pumps 
MSA Parts and Supplies 
Other Miscellaneous Items and Supplies
Kayla Martin 
First Aid Supplies
also see: Medical Equipment and Supplies
Kayla Martin
Floor Coverings
Carpets, Rugs, Floor Tile and Linoleum
Liz Cureton
Beverages, Coffee, Tea, Spirits, Bottled Water 
Dairy and Egg Products: Butter, Cheese, Eggs (fresh and powdered), Ice Cream, Milk, Buttermilk, Powdered Milk, etc.
Flours, Cereals, Bakery and Cereal Products 
Fruits and Vegetables, Canned, Dried, Fresh, Frozen 
Groceries: Condiments, Spices, Sauces, Extracts, Flavoring and Spreads 
Vegetable Shortening: Salad Oils, Shortening, Margarine 
Miscellaneous Groceries: Ice, Infant and Dietary Foods, Meats, Fish and Poultry, Nuts, Soups and Bouillon, Sugar, Desserts, Candy, Jams, Jellies, etc.
Signe Sugiyama
Food Preparation Equipment and Supplies
see: Kitchen Equipment and Supplies
Kayla Martin
Forms Management, Forms Assistance to all Departments, Forms Analysis and Control as requested
Kayla Martin 
Fuels and Lubricants
Fuels, Burner Fuels, Kerosene, Diesel Fuels, Boiler Fuels, Gasoline, Oils and Greases: Cutting, Lubricating and Hydraulic
 Liz Cureton
Household and Institution Furniture: Smoking Stands, Reception Room Equipment, Folding Chairs, Sofas, etc. 
Office Equipment: Chairs, Desks, Filing Cabinets, Safes and Chests, Machine Stands, Bookcases, Tables, Accessory Furniture, Costumers, etc. 
Specialized Furniture: Auditorium, Library, School, Patio Furniture 
Modular Furniture
Kayla Martin 
Garage and Service Station Equipment
Gas and Oil Pumps, Lubricating Equipment, Maintenance, Repair and Testing Equipment, Lifts, Hoists and Jacks, Light Compressors, Parts and Accessories
 Liz Cureton
Garbage Disposal
see: Sanitation Service
Liz Cureton
Gases, Industrial
Oxygen, Acetylene, Propane, Refrigeration, and related equipment 

Gases, Medical
Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Compressed Air, Nitrogen, Helium, Hydrogen, etc., & related equipment
Kayla Martin
Guard ServiceLiz Cureton 
Hardware and Small Tools
Abrasive and Grinding Wheels, Building Hardware, Hand Tools, Machinists Measuring Tools and Gauges, Handles (all kinds), Washers and Fasteners 
Power Tools: Air, Electric and Gas, Engine Powered 
Hose Fittings (Other than Fire), Ladders, Locks and Keys, Nails, Bolts, Screws, Nuts, Metalworking Machine Tools, Woodworking Machine Tools, Parts and Accessories 
also see: Lawn and Garden Equipment  
Kayla Martin 
Hazardous Waste
Collection and Disposal
Liz Cureton
Heavy Equipment
Equipment, with and without Operators; Parts, Tires 
Purchase, and Repair 
Earth Moving Equipment: Tractors, Graders, Loaders, etc. 
Road Clearing, Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment: Sweepers, Sprinklers, Line Working, Asphalt Kettles and Rollers, Spreaders, etc. 
Misc. Equipment: Cranes, Concrete Cutters, Air Compressors, Core Drillers, etc. 
also see: Automotive Equipment Rental Lawn and Garden
Kayla Martin

Heavy Equipment
Rental (BPOs only)

Signe Sugiyama
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Equipment Parts, Supplies, etc.
Signe Sugiyama  
Industrial Equipment and Supplies
Mechanical Power Transmission: Belting & Belts, Chain, Gears, Pulleys, Sprockets, Journal Boxes, Pillow Blocks, Bearings, Roller, Ball, Sleeve & Needle Bearing, Packing, Lockers
Signe Sugiyama 

Equipment and Supplies
also see: Plumbing

Signe Sugiyama 
Janitorial Equipment and Supplies

Brooms, Brushes, Rags, Cloths, Carpet Sweepers, Cleaners, Compounds, Polishes, Disinfectants , Deodorants, Floor Machines, Mops and Mopping Equipment, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners 
Receptacles: Garbage Cans and Pails, Waste 
Dispensers: Towel, Toilet Paper, Soap and Sanitary Napkins 
Supplies: Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Seat Covers 
Floor Mats, Waxes and Finishes, Utility Carts

Kayla Martin 
Janitorial Service Contracts
Window Washing, Dumping of Rubbish, Cleaning of Flues, Ducts and Chimneys 
Liz Cureton
See: Appliances, household
Kayla Martin 
Laboratory Equipment and Supplies
Supplies, Equipment, Glassware, Chemicals, Reagents, Media, Fume Hoods, Washers, Stills, Microscopes, Balances, Apparatus, Testing Machines, etc.
Kayla Martin 
Laboratory Testing Service
Concrete, Reinforcing Bar, Steel, Building Materials, Soil Testing and Drilling; Water and Air Testing
Liz Cureton
Landfill Cover
Alternate Daily Cover: Equipment and Supplies
Kayla Martin
Laundry Service
also see: Uniforms
Kayla Martin 
Laundry, Commercial
Equipment, Accessories, Carts, Covers, Bags, Chemical Compounds 
Laundry amd Housekeeping Systems: Dispensers, Equipment, Supplies, etc.
Kayla Martin 
Law Enforcement Equipment and Supplies
Ammunition and Guns, Handcuffs, Billy Clubs, Holsters, Belts, Bulletproof Vests, Crash Helmets, Pyrotechnics, Flares, Signals, Tear Gas, badges, patches
Kayla Martin
Lawn and Garden Equipment
Lawn Mowers and Other Garden Equipment 
Go to the Commodity that Is being leased 
Go to the Commodity that is being advertised
Kayla Martin 
Go to the Commodity that is being leased
Legal Advertising
Go to the Commodity that is being advertised
Mailroom Equipment and Service
Mailing Systems, Postage Meters, Letter Openers, Addressing Machines, Stuffers, Sealers, Collators, Sorters, Folders, Etc. 
Maintenance, Parts, and Repair
Signe Sugiyama
Marine Equipment and Supplies
see: Boats
Liz Cureton 
Materials Handling Equipment and Supplies
Blocks, Tackle, Rigging, Slings, Ropes, Cable Twine, Conveyers, Warehouse Trucks and Tractors, Winches and Hoists, Parts and Accessories, Industrial Shelving, etc.
Liz Cureton
Medical Equipment and Supplies
Hospital Beds and Over-bed Tables 
Medical Equipment and Supplies: Obstetrical, Ophthalmic, Orthopedic, Rehabilitation, Anesthesia, Physical Therapy, Eye Wear, Dental Equipment and Supplies, Radiological Equipment and Supplies, Pathology and Morgue Equipment and Supplies, Pharmaceuticals, First Aid Kits and Supplies, Respirators and Masks, etc.
Emergency Medical Equipment and Rental
Kayla Martin 
Bars, Sheets, Angles, Channels, Plates and Shapes, Casting and Foundry Work, Non-ferrous Metals, Metal Cathodes
Signe Sugiyama
Equipment, Cameras, Readers, etc. 
Supplies and Maintenance 
Signe Sugiyama
Moving, Hauling and StorageLiz Cureton
Office Equipment
Adding Machines, Calculators, Typewriters, Word Processing Equipment, Bookkeeping Machines, Cash Registers, Coin Counting and Handling Machines and Tabulating Equipment, Dictating & Recording Equipment, Time Recorders and Clocks, Shredders, Facsimile Machines, Answering Machines 
Maintenance, Parts, Repair and Rental of above Equipment 
Supplies for above only when not obtainable as a normal office supply 
also see: Mailroom Equipment
Kayla Martin 

Office Supplies
also see: Stationery

Kayla Martin
Printer and Copier Paper
Recycled and Virgin
Kayla Matin 
Parking Enforcement
also see: Guard Service
Liz Cureton 
Pathology and Morgue
Supplies, Equipment, Coffins, Burial Service
Kayla Martin 
Personal Hygiene Products
see: Sundries
Kayla Martin
Pest Control Service Liz Cureton 
Capsules, Tablets, Injectibles, Vaccines, Narcotics, Hypnotics, Serums, Alcohol, Drug Packaging, Drug Capsules, Boxes, Bottles, etc.
Kayla Martin 
Pharmacy EquipmentKayla Martin 
Photographic Equipment and Supplies
Cameras, Projectors, Screens, Photo Papers, Film Developing, Printing Equipment and Chemicals
also see: Audio Visual  
Signe Sugiyama 
Plumbing Equipment and Supplies
Plumbing Fixtures, Pipe Fittings, Valves, Traps and Gauges, etc. 
Water Meters, Parts, and Supplies
Flexible Metallic Hose and Tubing; Pipe: Iron, Steel, Copper, Plastic, etc. 
Kayla Martin 
Police Supplies
see: Law Enforcement Equipment and Supplies
Kayla Martin 
Print Shop Equipment and SuppliesKayla Martin 
Printing and Allied Service
Business Cards, Envelopes, Custom File Folders, Bookbinding, and other Purchased Services
Kayla Martin 
Promotional/AdvertisingKayla Martin 
Books, Subscriptions, Newspapers, Periodicals, Maps, Atlases, Charts, Motion Pictures Rentals, Videos, Pamphlets, etc
Kayla Martin 
Pumps, Pump Motors, Parts, Repairs
Liz Cureton 
Radiological Equipment and Supplies
X-Ray Machines, Equipment, Film, Supplies and Service, Protective Clothing
Kayla Martin 
Recreational and Athletic Equipment
Athletic and Sporting Equipment: Game Balls and Equipment; Track and Field Equipment; Toys and Games; Recreational and Gymnastic Equipment; Bleachers, Benches, Park Tables, etc.
Kayla Martin 
Road Material
Road Oils, Asphalt, Concrete, Sand, Gravel, Aggregates
Signe Sugiyama 
Road/Street/Highway: Signs, Markers and Safety Devices
Reflective Materials, Lane Control Material, Metal Signs, Traffic Paint, glass beads and adhesives, Metal Beam Guard Rails and Fasteners
Signe Sugiyama
Safety Equipment and Supplies
Hard Hats, Goggles, Safety Shoes, First Aid Kits and Refills, Respirators and Masks, Disaster Kits, Rescue Equipment
Kayla Martin 
Sanitation Service
Garbage bins, Rentals, Portable Toilets, Sludge Hauling, Septic Service, Garbage Disposal
also see: Guard Service
Kayla Martin 
Service (Other than Professional Service)
Go to the Commodity that is Being Serviced
Shoes and Boots Kayla Martin 
Shredding Service
Confidential Shredding 
Liz Cureton 
Soaps and Detergents
Dishwashing, Hand, Floor, Laundry, Bleaches, Sours, Soap Builders
see: Janitorial Supplies
Kayla Martin 
Special Services
Professional Engineering and Consultant Service
(Please Use a Professional Service Agreement
Don Moore 
Record Forms & Books
Library and School Supplies
Name Plates, Signs, Plaques, Awards (Employee recognition items)
Rubber Stamps
Paper Bags, Wrapping Paper, Gummed Paper Tape, Mailing Tubes,
Corrugated Paper
also see: Office Supplies
Kayla Martin 
see: Moving, Hauling and Storage
Liz Cureton 
Barber and Beauty Shop Equipment, Barber Supplies, Razors, Blades, Clippers, Scissors, Cosmetics, Combs, Brushes, Curlers, Shampoos, Tobacco, Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipes 
Kayla Martin 
Surplus Property Sale and Disposalsurplus@sonoma-county.org
Temporary Help
Temporary Staffing Service
Don Moore 
Testing Service
see: Laboratory Testing Service 
Liz Cureton 
Bedding: Sheets, Blankets, Pads
Dry Goods: Canvas and Oilcloth, Yardage, Netting, Yarn, Thread, Notions Upholstery Supplies and Materials Flags and Pennants
Kayla Martin 
see: Hardware and Small Tools 
Kayla Martin 
TowingLiz Cureton 
Traffic Signal and Control Equipment
Automotive, Lane Control and Pedestrian Signals, Controllers, Traffic Counters, Testing Devices 
Signe Sugiyama 
Translation Services
Translation and Interpretation Services
Don Moore 
Tree Surgeon ServiceLiz Cureton 
Purchase and Rental 
Kayla Martin 
Upholstery ServiceLiz Cureton 
Veterinary Equipment, Service and Supplies
Examinations, Treatment, Shots, Tags, Leashes, etc. 
Kayla Martin 
Water System MaintenanceLiz Cureton 
Window Covering
Window Coverings: Draperies, Blinds, Shades, Curtains, Awnings 
Liz Cureton 

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