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Live Seminar: Tiny Houses: A Sustainable, Eco-Friendly and Affordable Housing Solution

December 7, 2018 from 1:30 4:30 PM

North Coast Builders Exchange

1030 Apollo Way

Santa Rosa, CA 95407
38.4232885, -122.7517997

The Sonoma County Energy and Sustainability Division is partnering with the non-profit Green Technology to present this seminar by the California Chapter Leader of the American Tiny House Association, Daniel R. Fitzpatrick, to help us better understand tiny homes for California.

Location: North Coast Builders Exchange, 1030 Apollo Way, Santa Rosa, CA 95407

The session will discuss tiny houses as an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional housing and provide background and insight into the following:

  • California’s housing crisis and the role tiny houses may play in providing affordable housing
  • Brief history of the tiny house movement and current tiny unit options
  • Tiny houses as ecofriendly, sustainable and affordable housing
  • Tiny houses as accessory dwelling units (ADU): major changes in state law to permit more ADU’s
  • Building codes and tiny homes: Evolution of International Residential Code (IRC) code for construction of tiny houses and application of ANSI and HUD manufactured housing code standards for movable tiny house
  • Real estate issues for tiny houses and various types of tiny units as both standalone and ADU housing
  • Legal and regulatory issues in siting tiny houses and movable tiny houses in California communities
  • Amending local government municipal code to provide for tiny living units both as ADU’s and tiny villages as infill affordable housing opportunities


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