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Free Training - Session One: Design Thinking for Zero Net Energy - Rebuilding for Comfort, Efficiency, and Affordability

Ann Edminster will discuss how good design decisions and careful architectural and construction detailing can create attractive, comfortable, durable buildings that require much less energy for mechanical heating and cooling. Participants will learn key considerations that enable designers to make choices rather than pay a premium to achieve excellent comfort and energy performance.

Free Training - Session Two: Advanced Framing to Save Energy Material and Labor

Structural Engineer Bruce King will discuss how advanced framing can improve energy performance and meet or exceed structural building loads while using less material, potentially reducing first cost of materials. He will describe the overall approach optimum value engineering and show and discuss specific details

Free Training - Session Three - High Performance Enclosures: Air Tight, Well-Insulated, Properly Ventilated

Mike MacFarland will discuss what it takes to properly build a well-designed enclosure that will provide comfort and good indoor air quality, while reducing energy use for heating and cooling.

Free Training - Session Four: Residental Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC): Small Heat Pumps and Small Furnaces - High Efficiency and More Affordable

This session is for all audiences: home owners, construction veterans, and all other building professionals. Residential HVAC systems can deliver excellent energy efficiency and greatly improved comfort when air infiltration through the building enclosure is confirmed to be low, equipment is properly sized and the performance of the whole system is tested and measured during and after installation.

Free Training - Session Five: Energy and Time Efficient Hot Water Systems for New Homes

This session, intended for all audiences: home owners, construction veterans, and all other professionals, will explore the answers to the following questions: What is the most energy, water and time efficient way to install a hot water distribution system for a given floor plan? When should you install water heaters in multiple locations? What would be more efficient floor plans from a hot water perspective? When is it appropriate to use drain water heat recovery systems? How can these considerations be integrated into good building design?

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