New Construction Permits -

Wildland Urban Interface / State Responsibility Area

Permitted Building Construction in the WUI or SRA requires all structures to be built according to specific codes. The codes are referenced as Chapter 7A, in the California Building Code and Chapter 337 in the California Residential Code. Sonoma County required by model state code language requires all new structures to be built with exterior construction that will minimize the impact on life and property and help structure to resist the intrusion of flames and burning embers projected by a wildland fire and contributes to a reduction of losses.

This code was introduced in 2005, by starting with the reduction of ventilation and roof protection. In 2008, the model code was introduced during the adoption of the 2007, California Fire Code. Since 2008, structure meeting the scope required the following building construction standards to be more restrictive. This included the following ignition resistant construction standards.

  • Roofing, Sonoma County Ordinance Class A only.
  • Ventilation
  • Exterior Covering
  • Windows and Openings
  • Decking
  • Accessory Structures

Sonoma County does not maintain a official public mapping site for properties located in the SRA. Sonoma County Fire is not responsible for the location of SRA and LRA boundaries and keeping official boundary records. If you have questions regarding the State Responsibility Area or SRA Fees. Please contact Cal Fire State Board of Forestry

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