Partners & Sponsors

Access Sonoma Broadband is formally organized and operates under the auspices of the Sonoma County Economic Development Board Department. Access Sonoma Broadband, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, North Bay North Coast Broadband Consortium (NBNCBC), Broadband Alliance of Mendocino County (BAMC) and Northern California Broadband Consortium work collaboratively to provide broadband and wireless access to all rural communities.

Project Sponsors

Providing funding and support for Access Sonoma Broadband:

Providing services in kind:

Participating Agencies

  • Broadband Coalition of Northern California Counties (BCNCC) – Sixteen rural Northern California Counties have been invited to participate in formulating regional broadband issues.  To date eleven counties have formally aligned in the process
  • Marin Telecommunications Agency – Sonoma and Marin have identified adjoining areas of underserved/unserved rural populations along the coast, sharing a bi-county school district.
  • Napa County – Napa and Sonoma share a 60 mile boundary with both counties sharing similar infrastructure issues.  Sonoma and Mendocino County Broadband Committees have pledged to work closely with Napa to assist in their broadband process.
  • Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department
  • Sonoma County Office of Education

Committee Appointees

Access Sonoma Broadband members are appointed by the Economic Development Director.

  • Steven Sharpe, Co-chair, Economic Development
  • Board Michael Nicholls, Co-chair and representing Fifth District
  • Jack Dupre, representing First District
  • Steve Hecht, representing Second District
  • Vacant, representing Third District
  • Andy Grose, representing Fourth District
  • Jim Robinson, representing Joy Road Connect
  • Frank Bell, representing The Sea Ranch
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Contact Information

141 Stony Circle
Suite 110
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
38.440161, -122.745781

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