Benefits & Expectations

North Bay North Coast Broadband Consortium

  • For two years, ASB has worked productively with the Broadband Alliance of Mendocino County.
  • Building on this successful partnership, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties have joined Napa and Marin Counties to form the North Bay North Coast
    Broadband Consortium (NBNCBC)
  • NBNCBC will submit a $450,000, 3-year, broadband planning grant to the California Advanced Services Fund in January, 2014.

The Map Problem

  • Broadband policy and grant funding decisions are based on the National and California Broadband Maps.
  •  The data underlying these maps is based on service advertised by broadband service providers rather than service actually provided.
  • If service to a single address within a census block is served, the entire census block is considered served.
  • In rural areas, census blocks are large, and provided service, when even available, is often much less than the advertised service.
  • This means that service actually provided in rural areas is often greatly exaggerated in the National and California Broadband Maps, causing grant funding to be denied for critically needed broadband deployment projects, and policy decisions made ignoring the problem.

Solving the Map Problem

  • Broadband policy and grant funding decisions must be based on service actually provided, rather than advertised service, at a meaningful scale.
  • Since broadband service providers refuse to disclose this information, surveys must be conducted to determine the service provided at each address.
  • The Broadband Alliance of Mendocino County has conducted three separate surveys over the past three years, all of which show significant deviations from the corresponding national and California data.
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