Alliances and Coalitions

Broadband Coalition of Northern California Counties

The Broadband Coalition is a loosely coupled group of county and individual participants intended to formulate regional broadband problems in a united way.

The Coalition does not propose collective solutions to, or take action to solve, problems. It focuses on problem identification and statement.

Mendocino and Sonoma are currently the sole county participants, with about 20 individual participants from about 10 counties. Care is taken with Coalition communications to ensure that we convey a simple and widely acceptable message.

Current activities are:

  • Electronic solicitation of letters of support from Broadband Coalition participants agreeing that substandard broadband in Northern California damages the regional economy, which will be compiled and electronically distributed to Commission and committees.

Broadband Action of Northern California

There is a significant “no government funding” demographic throughout the region. But, Broadband Action needs to include everybody in the region who is affected by substandard broadband, including this demographic.

To date, all currently proposed solutions to substandard broadband problems in Northern California depend critically on government funding for either/both operating expenses and capital expenses. We don’t have a Plan B.

Broadband Action is a separate cohesive group of counties and individuals organized to propose solutions to regional broadband problems, and to take action implementing those solutions. Broadband Action will consider all solutions whether they use government funding, or not.

Mendocino and Sonoma Counties are currently the only members of Broadband Action but actively encourage other counties to join us.

Current actions are:

  • Electronic and hard copy distribution to committees of Broadband Action letter regarding Problems, fully funded CASF, and GBB.
  • Possible electronic and hard copy distribution to CPUC of Broadband Action letter regarding Problems, fully funded CASF, and GBB.
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