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Dry Creek Valley Citizens Advisory Council Meeting

October 19, 2017 at 6:00 PM

 Fire Station Training Room

 601 Healdsburg Avenue

Healdsburg, CA 95448
38.61635, -122.872412

Meeting Documentation


  1. Call to Order
    Acting Chairperson Vicky Farrow called the regular meeting of the Dry Creek Valley Citizens Advisory Council to order at 6:03 pm.

  2. Roll Call
    Present Councilmembers:  Vicky Farrow, Jenny Gomez, Mike Tierney, and Bill Smith.  Ruth Wilson was absent

  3. Approval of Minutes
    On a motion by Councilmember Bill Smith, seconded by Councilmember Mike Tierney, the minutes of the regular Dry Creek Valley Citizens Advisory Council meeting from September, 21, 2017, were approved with corrections.  The motion carried on a voice vote. (4-0).

  4. Public Comments on Non-Agenda Items  -
    Charlee Schanzer-8690 West Dry Creek Road—commented on unauthorized use of council’s jurisdiction.  She believed a 2nd review of a use permit is not allowed even though PRMD refers the permit to us.  She was speaking of the Hale/Wilson project reviewed last month.  She believes any action on that referral should be null and void.

    Ken Spadoni-2381 West Dry Creek Road—stated that he is in real estate and is getting lots of calls from displaced families.  He shared that homes on Williamson Act property are not allowed to be used as rental units.  He would like to see a temporary lifting of this restriction to help aid in the current housing crisis caused by the fires.

    Mike Sterling-1715 Lytton Springs Road—came to introduce himself and tell the council that he would like to bond a permit on his land in the future.  He learned from the fire fighters that there were actually tornadoes caused by the fires (Tubbs Fire).  He mentioned the 6,000 buildings lost and the one of the main areas of fire damage—Coffey Park with more than 2,000 homes lost.  He said there were lots of questions about fault and other ways the news could have been communicated.  He said the questions everyone has now is “What do we do now?”

    Charlee Schanzer—asked if the council could contact James or Mike McGuire regarding housing issue.

  5. Correspondence  -  none

  6. Sonoma County 4th District Supervisor, James Gore
    James thanked the DCVCAC.  He spoke of the fires and stated that there were plenty of good things, but the crisis had also exposed a lot of flaws.  He will be the chair of the Board of Supervisors next year.  He stated we have better tech but the same land management practices.  He mentioned the success of the recent Pancake Breakfast and Fall Colors Festival in Geyserville, and the Dios de los Muertos in various locations.  He gave everyone a website: undcofund.com.  They can help undocumented aliens and other folks that FEMA cannot help.

    He hopes to give lots of updates in the coming year, and not have so many meetings.  He will try to streamline the bureaucracy.  He will be creating resilience areas.  He mentioned that the homes in the foothills along Riebli Road had a homeowners rule that no one could cut down a tree larger than 6” in diameter.  He gave the council his new personal cell phone number.  He passed the discussion back to those present for comments.

    Ken Spadoni reiterated his comment about loosening Williamson Act prohibitions on rentals.  Charlee agreed.  James said that Tennis Wick, head of planning, is looking at exemptions on CEQA so looking at exemptions for Williamson Act is a great idea.  He mentioned that housing problems can cause other problems.  Restaurants are already feeling the lack of business.  Local Assistance Center—impressive resource with 60 agencies for folks to start.  It is at 427 Mendocino Avenue—the first floor of the Press Democrat building.  Mike Cook—empty lot in Rincon Valley hoping to get okay to allow temporary housing on that lot.  He is going to talk to the tribe about using their Salvation Army facility.  Lake County shared that shelters should already be showing which will need to stay open for the next month.  Incentives to insure local housing rather than vacation or second homes.  He mentioned that Supervisors Rabbitt and Hopkins are not in the impact zones.

    Councilmember Jenny Gomez—believes we should take this as an opportunity for growth and improvement rather than just fixing in panic mode.  She suggested a contest for coolest promotional video for Sonoma County post fire.

    Councilmember Vicky Farrow—has been through crises and said they learned a lot from people who have been through similar crisis.

    Councilmember Bill Smith—stated that he appreciated James facebook updates and videos on the fire.  James would like to keep these coming.

  7. Public Comments
    There were a lot of ideas exchanged.  James suggested that council members go back to their respective association and find out what they need help with and communicate this to him. 

    He mentioned that the county had received some public information requests—we should have reviewed it.  He assured the council that he did not want them to get gummed up in the regulations.

    Chris Wolcott—4455 ry Creek Road—was concerned about retirees that won’t want to rebuild.  James warned there will be a mass exodus.  He mentioned an article in the Sacramento Bee.  There have been 3,500 core workforce homes lost (not second homes).  Modular units will help keep people here.  When we rebuild, how do we get folks to maximize value but keep as local housing (as opposed to vacation rentals).

    Ken Spadoni—asked how much toxic clean-up will FEMA do.  James responded that the Army Corps of Engineers will do auditing of paperwork.  He thinks FEMA could have toxic clean-up done by the end of the year, if they work as a team.  Currently they are working to certify some HAZMAT workers.

    Regarding the cannabis referral, James mentioned that the RRD regulations might be a problem.  He recommended having someone from the county help us with regulations. He also stated it was okay for us not to do this and send a letter back to the county stating the council is not equipped to handle this/these referrals.

  8. Councilmember Announcements and Disclosures – Information Only
    No referrals, so no disclosures.

  9. Referrals from Sonoma County PRMD
    The council received an email on UPC17-0067 for Vasco de Mello on October 6th—it is on the agenda to discuss whether to add the referral to next month’s agenda.  We have 45 days after receipt to add to our agenda. 

  10. Discussion
    Councilmember Mike Tierney asked if that was in Mill Creek.

    Councilmember Vicky Farrow believes that we should hear.

    Bill Fumick—Westside Community Association—says that they consider this referral to be part of their jurisdiction.

  11. Statement of motion:
    On a motion by Councilmember Jenny Gomez, seconded by Councilmember Mike Tierney, that the council will not hear this or any other cannabis referral until they receive some education from the county. The motion carried on a voice vote. (4-0).

    It was suggested the county be contacted to verify location and jusrisdiction.

  12. Discussion Items:none

  13. Agenda Items for future meetings
    Cannabis education
    Meeting with various boards
    Updated from Winegrowers and DCVA on numbers for Guidelines document

  14. Adjournment
    There being no other Council business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 7:20 pm, on a motion by Councilmember Jenny Gomez, seconded by Councilmember Mike Tierney.  The motion carried on a voice vote.  (4-0).

SB 343 ‐ Documents Related to pen Session Agendas:Any writings or documents provided to a majority of the DCVCAC regarding any item on this agenda after the posting of this agenda and not otherwise exempt from disclosure, will be made available for public review at 575 Administration Drive Room 100‐A, Santa Rosa, CA, during normal business hours.

Disabled Accommodations: The DCVCAC will make reasonable accommodations for persons having special needs due to disabilities.

Please contact DCVCACses@gmail.com at least 72 hours prior to the meeting to ensure the necessary accommodations are made.

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