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Director's Advisory Group Update September 2017

Published:  September 14, 2017

Steve Brown
Howard Brunner
Karen Giovannini
Bob Ost
Greg Swaffar

Patrick Mullin
Nathan Quarles

1. Policy changes, how it is communicated to public Bob Ost Permit Sonoma website, Facebook, You Tube.

Additional Items: A user friendly, dedicated web space is needed; Policy & Procedures along with a special area to show any/all policy changes, current news, etc.

Submittal Applications need as much information (email, updated address, contact number) so designer’s know, planners know, etc. Response from planning is running delayed in submittal completion; planners need to make sure fees are taken care of.

Williamson Act mentioned, Uniform Rule 10 mentioned (on, or after January 2012).

Next meeting Action Items: Discuss Policy changes updated in a user friendly fashion on our Permit Sonoma website.

Nathan will follow up with Tennis.

Next Meeting:
November 13, 2017

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