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Director's Advisory Group Update September 2016

Published:  September 12, 2016


Howard Brunner
Jerry Edinger
Karen Giovannini
Rene deMonchy
Bob Ost
Neil Peoples
Tito Sasaki
Greg Swaffar



Tennis Wick
Nathan Quarles
Patrick Mullin
Tom Cirimele


1. Accela Update

Tennis Wick and Tom Cirimele gave an Accela update. PRMD hosted the Accela management team and they observed difficulties with the software package. One difficulty for Accela management was processing a transportation permit. The Accela software has the ability for program customization. Tom gave Rene de Monchy a training session and is able to give customers any kind of specialized tutorial. Ability to see comments and work flow tasks are a priority. Multiple approvals, sub processes, ability to see sub-comments are imminent. Accela has created a pdf report as a temporary fix that is currently available with details and comments. Comments are at the top of the list to provide to customers. Tom will include embedded links with instructions. Inspections are able to be viewed on the main screen, including a current status, link to record information to process information including permit history. From this page you can schedule inspections from the website. Work flow tracked in Accela drives record status. Working with staff is ongoing to provide continuous training. Scanned records are available on the Alchemy website with the work portals located in customer service. The PRMD records project, which will include all scanned files from the Accela system is going to the Board of Supervisors in 2017 for budget allocation. Please reach out to Tom Cirimele for any kind of Accela tutorial or questions.

2. New Employees, PRMD Response time

Jerry Eddinger asked about projects and why separate soils reports and plans are required for permits on the same parcel. Nathan will investigate Jerry’s project. Jerry asked about training new staff. Tennis discussed new employees. Blake Hillegas is promoted to Supervising Planner. Promotions in Plan Check include Kevin Ellis as Senior Plan Examiner and Elee Tsai as Building Plans Examiner II. Well and Septic is moving to continuous recruitment for Environmental Health Specialist as the recruitment and position is difficult to fill. Well and Septic may create Engineering positions to deal with the recruitment. Survey hired Keri Rynearson as Engineering Technician III. This is resulting in a good blend of staff. Rene asked about over the counter plancheck. Kevin Ellis is doing well at the cubicle and processing over the counter plans. Neil Peoples asked about the status of Same Day Plancheck. Tennis discussed the new building code cycles and requirements.

3. Junior Second Dwelling Units

Tennis discussed Junior Second Dwelling Units in Marin County. These units are located in existing residential units and are able to create separate living quarters in the dwellings. Misti Harris is assigned to review Second Dwelling Units for Sonoma County. The junior units will go to the planning commission before year end. The key to the second units is not changing the current footprint. Neil Peoples asked about parking requirements for the second dwellings. Tennis will include DAG, Builders Exchange and other organizations in future discussions for second dwelling units.

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November 14, 2016

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