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Director's Advisory Group Update November 2015

Published:  November 16, 2015


Steve Brown
Rene de Monchy
Karen Giovannini (UCCE)
Eric Koenigshofer
Jim Olmstead
Bob Ost
Neil Peoples
Tito Sasaki



Tennis Wick
Patrick Mullin

1. Electronic Plan Submittal – Bob Ost

Electronic Plan Submittal will be available at Permit and Resource Management Department, PRMD, for all permits December 2016. Accela system is on time. A Citizen’s portal for customers will be available soon for customers which will allow for more remote permitting. All PRMD records will be digitized within a 5 year timeframe. PRMD staff will need training with the new software. A Viewing Table for permits with plans will be available for customers and staff to review plan submittals.

2. Site Review Policy – Bob Ost

A site plan is required for site reviews. A site plan determines if a soils report is needed. An easement does allow an easement holder to obtain a site review.

3. Second Dwelling Units – Neil Peoples and Bob Ost

Currently, there is annual reporting for deferral of payment of the affordable housing fee. If the property owner chooses to stop reporting the fee, it is prorated for the amount of years paid. Community Development Commission, CDC, is the agency coordinating deferral of payment for affordable housing fee and prorates fee if owner stops reporting.

4. PRMD You Tube Videos – Tennis Wick

Tennis Wick discussed PRMD’s Citizen’s Academy You Tube videos. At present, there is the video “No Permit Required – Projects That Don’t Need Permits”.

5. Active Map – Tennis Wick

Tennis discussed ActiveMap for the public to view land development data used for properties in unincorporated areas of Sonoma County. ActiveMap can be accessed on the PRMD website.

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