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Director's Advisory Group Update May 2017

Published:  May 11, 2017


Steve Brown  
Jerry Eddinger
Karen Giovannini
Eric Koenigshofer
Jim Olmsted
Neil Peoples
Tito Sasaki
Greg Swaffar
Dan Wright


Patrick Mullin
Tennis Wick

1. Timing of Application

Jerry Eddinger spoke about an experience with a project. Jerry arrived at 8:00 am, met with staff and was directed to submit revision plans to the receptionist. He encountered a lengthy wait time while seeing a permit technician and another plans examiner.  Jerry called for an inspection later in the day and experienced some difficulties but was able to obtain the inspection the next day. Tennis and Patrick will get back to Jerry. Patrick will follow up on the revision status.   

2. Board of Zoning Adjustments Planning Commission Calendar and Permit Sonoma Updates

Tennis discussed the BZA Planning Commission calendar to be filled out and completed for 2017. The calendar will give DAG a volume of applications and sense of completion dates. Permit Sonoma is working on a series of dashboards for different sections that will state goals and attainment measures. All sections are included with the dashboard metrics to be available on the website. Eric Koenigshofer discussed the process of noticing.  Tennis spoke about outside consultants used for processing applications. Goals not met would invoke outside consultants. 

3. Budget, Staffing, Survey Section

Survey, Well & Septic, Project Review are involved with recruitments. Tennis is focusing on internal improvements with these sections. Emphasis on cross training. 

4. Process Improvement

Tennis is looking at process improvements for technical issues and timing of applications from start to finish.  He will review the performance of sections. Please communicate any process improvements in survey, engineering, project review, plans examining, building inspections with colleagues and Tennis. Patrick will overseeing large projects and affordable housing timelines. Patrick discussed Plancheck resubmittal turnaround time of 5 business days. Tennis discussed a Preferred Customer Program where the applicant and Permit Sonoma commit to a timeframe. 

5. Grading Permit Forms GRD-008 and ENG-001

Tennis discussed grading forms and grading permit requirements. Alex Rosas updated some engineering and grading forms. Address questions regarding the forms to Alex, copy Tennis & Patrick. Steve Brown will check with his staff about the forms and get back to Tennis. Improvement with technical bulletins and minimum standards were discussed. 

6. Next meeting Action Items

Use permits and noticing
Members join consultative teams 

7. Follow up with Tennis

Dry Creek draft criteria send to DAG 

8. Citizen′s Academy

Tom Cirimele is available to meet with professional organizations to talk about Citizen’s Academy, online and mobile permitting tools.

9. Next Meeting

July 10, 2017
September 11, 2017
November 13, 2017

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