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Director's Advisory Group Update May 2016

Published:  May 9, 2016


Steve Brown
Howard Brunner
Jerry Edinger
Rene deMonchy
Eric Koenigshofer
Bob Ost
Tito Sasaki



Tennis Wick
Patrick Mullin
Darla Pimlot

1. Administrative Design Review

Rene de Monchy asked about timeframes for Administrative Design Review projects. Tennis Wick discussed encouraging planners to analyze projects.PRMD is experiencing staff retirements as well as hiring and training new staff. Tennis is reviewing all Project Review applications with Jennifer Barrett and Dean Parsons. Tennis’ goal for Project Review supervisors is to have a limit of three projects and focus their time on supervisory needs. Some applications are sent to outside consultants.

2. Well and Septic

Steve Brown asked about Well & Septic Non Standard OPR Program and program administration. Steve has ideas for improvements and direction of the program. Evaluation of septic systems that are code compliant systems without waivers and a good record, sites that have gone through protocol, meet criteria and have a good track record could possibly obtain lower fees and less inspections. Administration of the program would look at warranted sites, experimental systems and nonstandard systems not meeting standards. Tennis is reviewing the program and working with the auditor’s office to review fees and how the money is distributed. Tennis is reviewing the program so that it repays itself. Tennis, Nathan Quarles and Darla Pimlott are looking at restructuring the Well and Septic section. Darla’s position requires more time to supervise. The Auditor’s Office will review Well & Septic and Project Review Section by end of summer. Tennis looks to the DAG Committee to assist with ideas and welcomes any thoughts focusing on areas of the county with restrictions.PRMD can make administrative improvements. Darla is open to ideas of improvements to the program. Call or email any Darla with viewpoints. Steve Brown will give Darla a list of suggestions.

3. Use Permit

Jerry Eddinger requested an update on permit issuances that require other sections to approve the permit. Jerry discussedPRMD wait times. Patrick Mullin will follow up with Jerry’s use permit.

4. Plan Check Timelines

Bob Ost asked about Plan check wait times.PRMD staff and extra help staff are working on plan review applications. The agency has a record number of building inspection requests often using additional code enforcement inspectors and plan check staff for building inspections.PRMD is contracting outside building inspection services. Patrick Mullin discussed the difference between Peer Review and Third Party Plan check. Tennis discussed new permitting software Accela beginning in June 2016 that will offer online status tracking of projects.

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July 11, 2016
September 12, 2016
November 14, 2016

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