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Director's Advisory Group Update March 2017

Published:  March 27, 2017


Steve Brown
Howard Brunner
Karen Giovannini
Eric Koenigshofer
Neil Peoples
Greg Swaffar  


Patrick Mullin
Tennis Wick

1. At Cost Billing

Rene de Monchy asked about At Cost Billing. Tennis reviewed Rene’s specific case and refunded Rene’s client. Permit Sonoma learned from the process and was able to make corrections with Rene’s project. Eric Koenigshofer asked if the billing charges are done in 15 minutes increments. Tennis reviews accounts receivable and County Counsel statements. Any questions regarding billing, feel free to call Tennis.

2. Plans Routed

Tennis will have Bryan Waters call Jerry Eddinger to discuss routing plans and how Well and Septic and fire comments are addressed with building plans.

3. Same Day Expedited Plan Check

Neil Peoples asked about the expedited policy. The expedited policy allows an opportunity for appointments with the plan checker and design team to review plans. At the meeting, drawings are reviewed and comments provided. Currently, Permit Sonoma does not offer the program. Neil asked for a second try of the program. Patrick Mullin discussed the expedited policy. Neil encouraged the department to look at the program again. If a good set of plans are submitted the department will expend less on the process. Neil feels the current process is lengthy. Neil discussed the prequalified plan check process. Tennis suggests a group of staff on the building and plan check teams that meet with design professionals. Tennis will meet with Nathan and Bryan to discuss meeting with building professionals. Tennis encouraged looking at what is not working and use the tools that are working effectively. Electronic submittals were discussed. Tennis will talk to Tom Cirimele about a timeline on the upcoming electronic submittals.

4. Application Processing Problems

Howard Brunner asked about application processing problems. Tennis is working with staff to improve project review applications, starting with the completeness of the process and  framing timelines in a more professional and legal way. Tennis is reviewing all initial studies. Two outside consultants are working on project review applications, resulting in more applications moving through the agency. Tennis is starting with project review to identifying work flows and take a detailed look at initial submittals.

5. TOT Vacation Rental Requirements

Eric Koenigshofer asked for an explanation regarding TOT requirements in relation to vacation rentals. Tennis will follow up with TOT on the Permit Sonoma website.

6. Permit Sonoma Website

Upon Maggie Fleming’s return, she will focus on the Permit Sonoma website.

7. Communication Issues

Send any concerns about the agency to Tennis and Jo Ann, such as not getting phone or email responses and form improvements. Use DAG as a prompt in the subject line. Maggie will follow up and meet with DAG about the Permit Sonoma website.

8. Citizen′s Academy

Tom Cirimele is available to meet with professional organizations to talk about Citizen’s Academy, online and mobile permitting tools.

9. Next Meeting Action Items

Tennis – How do we balance making agriculture more accessible to next generation?
Eric Koenigshofer – Use permit waiver process.

Next Meetings

May 8, 2017
July 10, 2017
September 11, 2017
November 13, 2017

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