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Director's Advisory Group Update July 2017

Published:  July 10, 2017


Howard Brunner
Jerry Eddinger
Eric Koenigshofer
Jim Olmsted
Neil Peoples
Tito Sasaki


Patrick Mullin
Tennis Wick

1. Timely inspections, special inspections and minor plan changes with stamped Engineering or Architect drawings.

Jerry Eddinger stated that he felt that in the last several weeks, he was experiencing longer processing time. There seems to be a procedural issue with getting the inspections recorded into Accela. When Jerry knows a permit has gotten inspected and then tries to set up the next phase, he has not been able to move forward because the inspection is not recorded in database.  

2. Cannabis

Permit Sonoma staff prepared for a high volume application submittal on July 5th. Four applications were submitted. Permit Sonoma is still expecting to get clusters of applications in the coming months.

Code Enforcement will need to adjust their procedures for the types of complaints that will be coming in. The Cannabis section of Permit Sonoma’s website will tell you what is allowable for indoor and outdoor growth. 

3. Plan Check

Tito Sasaki is having issues with an elevation cert before the plan check can be done. He was told that plan check couldn’t move forward until the elevation certificate is done.

A permit will not be issued without each step being completed. However, multiple disciplines can be reviewed at the same time.

Tennis Wick said that a Permit Tech will be doing the intake and then will call in the subject matter expert to finish off the requirements prior to a permit being issued. For small projects, this will go quickly. For larger projects, the subject matter experts will need more time for review.

It was asked if parts of a permit can be paid for in advance. If there is a balance, then it can be refunded. 

4. Project Review

Tennis Wick reported that Permit Sonoma has started to de-construct project review and then reconstructing it to create a more positive and professional atmosphere. 

5. Well & Septic

Tennis Wick reported that the Well & Septic community have been asked for input to help make this section more efficient and have put in place new measures to reduce the lead times. 

6. Additional Items:

Accessory Dwelling Units and Short-Term Rentals.

7. Follow up with Tennis

Dry Creek draft criteria send to DAG 

8. Next meeting Action Items

Tennis will look into the Inspection flow to see if there is anything that can be improved.

9. Follow up with Tennis

Follow up on Howard Brunner’s project. Is it ACC or CCC.

10. Next Meeting

September 11, 2017  
November 13, 2017

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