Developmental Disabilities Board (Area IV)

"Developmental Disability" means a disability which originates before an individual attains the age 18, continues, or can be expected to continue, indefinitely, and consitutes a substantial handicap for such individual…shall include mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy,autism and handicapping conditions found to be closely related to mentally retarded individuals but shall not include other handicapping conditions that are solely physical in nature. For more information visit:


Four members appointed by each Board of Supervisors of Napa, Solano and Sonoma counties, five members appointed by the Governor.: Section 4570 et seq Welfare and Institutions Code of the State of California (Requires special application)


1) Protect and advocate the rights of all persons with developmental disabilities 2) Conduct or cause to be conducted public information programs to increase awareness of develpmental disabilities and their prevention and the habilitation of developmentally disabled persons. 3) Encourage and assist in the establishment of citizen advocacy organizations to work with individuals with developmental disabilities. 4) Review the policies and practices of publically funded agencies to determine if they are meeting their statutory obligations. 5) Assist in the preparation of a state plan for developmental disabilities services by accumulating and supplying information on available services and priorities. 6) Cooperate with coordinating and planning bodies and county governmental groups. 7) Encourage the development of needed services of good quality and coordinate services to prevent duplication of services and unnecessary expenditure.

Membership Term

Three years, with no member serving more than two consecutive 3-year terms.


Reimburse mileage.

Contact Information

Robert Phillips, Executive Director, 707-648-4073; FAX 707-648-4100; e-mail or Main Office: 236 Georgia St., Suite 201 Vallejo CA 94590-5930 (Requires special application - request from the Contact Person)

Meeting Schedule

Every other month, evening meetings rotated among the 3 counties (Napa/Solano/Sonoma)

Membership Composition

17 members, half with developmental disabilities or their parents or guardians; half representing the general public.
6 Members: 2 Current Vacancies
RepresentingMember NameAppointmentTerm Expires
Governor's AppointeeJeanna EriksenGovernor's appointee12/31/2013
Sonoma County RepresentativeMartin WeilSumm Act #58, 12/13/201112/31/2014
Sonoma County RepresentativeMaryann CantoneSumm Act #20, 11/20/201212/31/2015
Sonoma County RepresentativeStephanie HulbertSumm Act #29, 1/8/201312/31/2015
Sonoma County RepresentativeVacantVacant
Sonoma County RepresentativeVacantVacant

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Contact Information

Robert Phillips

Executive Director

Developmental Disabilities Board

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