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Parole Denied for Santa Rosa Man Convicted of Attempted First Degree Murder

Santa Rosa, CA  –  September 7, 2017  –  District Attorney Jill Ravitch announced today that on September 6, 2017, the California Board of Prison Terms denied parole to 51 year old Gregory Todd Weiss, who was convicted of the attempted 1st degree murder, with the personal use of a firearm, of a mother of two in 1987. 

 On March 20, 1987, Gregory Weiss and the victim met each other for the first time and spent time together that evening.  Late that night, Weiss accused the victim of stealing approximately $50 worth of illegal drugs from him.  The victim, a mother of two daughters, attempted to explain to Weiss that she had not stolen from him.  Without provocation, Weiss produced a loaded handgun and pointed it at the victim’s head.  He then ordered her to drive him in her own car to a remote location down a rural road in Santa Rosa.  Fearing for her life, the victim complied.  In the middle of the night, parked on a secluded rural road, Weiss pointed his gun at the victim’s face and demanded cash.  The victim gave him all she had, exited her car and pleaded with Weiss to just take her vehicle and leave.  Weiss responded by walking to within two feet of the victim and shot her in the face.  The bullet deflected away from her brain, and she was able to stay on her feet and stumble away from Weiss.  Weiss pursued the victim and shot her twice more.  The victim fell to the ground, and in a courageous attempt to save her life pretended to be dead.  Weiss walked to her motionless body and shot her three additional times.  Weiss got into the victim’s car, drove from the scene and left her for dead.  Remarkably, the victim, having been shot six times, was able to get to her feet and walk over one mile, back toward the city and sought aid.  She encountered a local resident who summoned police response, and the victim was rushed to a hospital emergency room and survived.  Weiss was thereafter convicted by a jury of Attempted 1 st Degree Murder with the Personal Use of a Firearm, Kidnapping, and Robbery.  Weiss was originally sentenced to seventeen (17) years to life. 

On September 6, 2017, a hearing was held at the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Salinas Valley State Prison in Soledad, to determine whether Weiss currently remains an unreasonable risk of harm to the public.  That criteria was utilized by the state Board of Prison Terms in assessing whether or not Weiss should be released back into the community on a grant of parole.  After taking testimony from Weiss, reviewing prison files and psychiatric evaluations, and hearing arguments from both Weiss’s attorney and this office, the California Board of Prison Terms issued a three year denial of parole.  In reaching the conclusion to deny Weiss parole the Commissioners cited the vicious and brutal nature of the attack, Weiss’s history of misconduct in while in prison.  The Commissioners noted, in particular, an incident in 2013, wherein Weiss was involved the attempted murder of another prison inmate.  Weiss will not be eligible for parole again until 2020, at which time another hearing on the issue will take place. 

Deputy District Attorney Jamie Kandel appeared at the hearing on behalf of the prosecution in opposition of Weiss’s release on parole. 


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