Sonoma County Cannabis Program

Legislation and Policy Development

Sonoma County Cannabis Ordinances

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors adopted the Cannabis Ordinance for Land Use, Medical Cannabis Health Ordinance, and Cannabis Business Tax Ordinance in December 2016.

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Phase II Policy Development

Phase II in 2017 will focus on implementation, community engagement, and evaluating and addressing impacts.

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Committees and Advisory Groups

Sonoma County has three cannabis related committees and advisory groups:

  • 2017 Cannabis Ad Hoc Committee,
  • Sonoma County Cannabis Advisory Group,
  • Marijuana Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC)

Sonoma and five other counties to implement local cannabis programs are part of the North Coast Counties Collaboration.

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State and Federal Laws

Summary and history of state and federal cannabis legislation, from Proposition 215 (1996) to Proposition 64 (2016).

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Cannabis Ordinances and Regulation by City

The history and summary of cannabis related regulation and ordinances for each major city in Sonoma County.

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