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November 5, 2019
Contests on Ballot


On an Official Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot please indicate in the spaces provided the offices or ballot initiatives by writing the office, the name and/or party affiliation of the candidate for whom you wish to vote (for example: Governor, Attorney General, Mayor, State Senator, etc.). You may also indicate the ballot initiative and your vote for the initiative.

OfficeCandidate NameBallot Designation
Occidental Community Occidental CommunityCarol SchmittClean Energy Marketer
Occidental Community Occidental CommunityCoy Brown Incumbent
Occidental Community Occidental CommunityRay LunardiIncumbent
Occidental Community Occidental CommunitySteven McNealIncumbent
Forestville Water Forestville WaterDiane HughesChief Business Official
Forestville Water Forestville WaterDon RehaIncumbent
Forestville Water Forestville WaterHeather AldridgeForensic Assistant
Forestville Water Forestville WaterMathew P. Mc DermottAppointed Incumbent
Forestville Water Forestville WaterRichard BenyoIncumbent
Timber Cove County Timber Cove CountyKris KilgoreRetired Water Engineer
Timber Cove County Timber Cove CountyWarren W. DoyleDistrict Director

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