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The Clerk's Office Has Moved!

Clerk's Office has moved!The County Clerk-Recorder Office is now located at:
585 Fiscal Dr., Room 103, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

The new Clerk-Recorder’s Office will provide essential services for residents in one location: vital records, recording services, land record information, official public records, marriage licenses & ceremonies, and fictitious business names.

Important Notice

Important Information 75x40The staff of the Clerk-Recorder-Assessor's Office are forbidden by California legal codes to practice law or provide legal advice; this prohibition includes giving advice about what forms you might need or how you should fill them out.


  • The standard page size for copying is 11 by 17 inches or smaller
  • For recording purposes, a standard page is one printed side of a single 8½ by 11 inch sheet (in other words, two printed sides of a single sheet equal two standard pages); if a document incorporates a second title, it is called a "double document"
  • A document or copy is certified as authentic when it receives the Stamp of the Recorder's Office
  • If there is not enough room for the Recorder's endorsement (approximately 3 inches by 3 inches) at the top of the first page of any document being recorded, an additional $3.00 fee will be charged to cover a separate page
  • Documents to be recorded are required to be 8½ by 11 inches; documents you wish to record having other dimensions are subject to a penalty of $3.00 per page
  • If a Preliminary Change of Ownership Report (PCOR) does not accompany transfers of title, an additional fee of $20.00 is added to the recording fee
  • Information about the Monument Fee Collection Procedures

Copy Fees

 Service Fee
Standard Pages (up to 11" x 17")
[Government Code § 27366]
$3.00 per page

[Government Code § 27364]
$3.00 per document

Maps (over 11"x17")
[Government Code § 27366]
$3.00 per page

Recording Fees

Effective January 1, 2018, California Government Code section 27388.1 (SB2 – Building Homes and Jobs Act) requires that documents accepted for recording at the Sonoma County Recorder’s Office be charged an additional seventy-five dollars ($75.00) fee per title, unless exempted by statute.
Read more about the fee increase including exemptions
Standard Pages (8½ x 11)  
No Documentary Transfer Tax or Building Homes and Jobs Act fee exemption
[Government Codes 27361, 27397, 77205]
As of January 1, 2018:
$89.00 first page
$3.00 per additional page
Standard Pages (8½ x 11)
Documentary Transfer Tax paid or exempt from Building Homes and Jobs Act fee (stated on first page of document or cover sheet)
[Government Codes 27361, 27397, 77205]
$14.00 first page  
$3.00 per additional page
Double Documents
[Government Code 27361]
As of January 1, 2018:
$89.00 per additional title
(no Building Homes & Jobs
Fee exemption)
$14.00 per additional title
(with Building Homes &
Jobs Fee exemption stated
on face of document)
Documents Requiring Additional Indexing
[Government Code 27361]
$1.00 per additional
reference indexed
$1.00 each group of
10 names
Combined Documents
[Government Code 27361]
As of January 1, 2018:
$89.00 per title in addition to
the first (no Building Homes
& Jobs Fee exemption)
$14.00 per title in addition to
the first (with Building
Homes & Jobs Fee
exemption stated on face of
Release of Lien by a Public Agency
[Government Codes 27361 & 27397]
Survey Monument Fee
[Government Codes 27584, 27585, 27388.1]
[Resolution 10-0900]
[Government Codes 27372, 27361, 27397,
& 27388.1]
$2.00 per additional page
Filed Documents (building contracts)
[Government Code 27380]
UCC Filings (1 or 2 pages)
[Government Code 12194]
$85.00 (no Building Homes
& Jobs Fee exemption)
$10.00 each (with Building
Homes & Jobs Fee exemption
stated on face of document)
UCC Filings (3 or more pages)
[Government Code 12194 & 27388.1]
As of January 1, 2018:
$95.00 (no Building Homes
& Jobs Fee exemption)
$20.00 each (with Building
Homes & Jobs Fee exemption
stated on face of document)

Notification Fees

Involuntary Lien Notice Notification
[Government Code 27387 & 27297]
$7.00 each

Preliminary Lien Notice Notification
[Government Code 27361]
$35.00 each

Additional Fees

Non-standard page size
(8 ½ x 14 maximum size)
[Government Code 27361]
$3.00 per page
(for every page of document)

PCOR Fee (no PCOR with deed)
[Revenue & Taxation 480.3/Resolution 85-1260]

Penalty Print
[Government Code 27361.1]
$1.00 per page 


[Revenue & Taxation Code 11911]

Documentary Transfer TaxRate
County Transfer Tax (per $500.00) *
Includes cities of Cloverdale, Cotati, Healdsburg, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, Sonoma and Town of Windsor
Santa Rosa City Transfer Tax (per $1,000.00) ** $2.00
Petaluma City Transfer Tax (per $1,000.00) ** $2.00

* Minus any loans assumed in the sale.
** Santa Rosa and Petaluma City transfer tax is collected in addition to County transfer tax.
** No exemption for assumed loans.

Contact Information

Deva Marie Proto

County Clerk-Recorder-Assessor-Registrar of Voters

Business Hours
Monday – Tuesday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Thursday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Note: No fee transactions or document processing within 30 minutes of closing


County Clerk-Recorder Office

585 Fiscal Drive

Room 103

Santa Rosa, CA 95403
38.4659106, -122.7251807

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