Released by: Clerk-Recorder-Assessor Department
For Immediate Release

Caller ID Spoofing

Santa Rosa, CA  –  January 14, 2015  –  
Recently, the Sonoma County Clerk-Recorder-Assessor Department has become aware that the Sonoma County Clerk’s Office phone number (707) 565-3800 has been used in a telephone number ‘spoofing’ scam, where the caller threatens Sonoma County residents with arrest for failure to pay money to individuals pretending to be government officials. Using a practice known as "caller ID spoofing," callers can deliberately falsify the telephone number and/or name relayed as the Caller ID information to disguise the identity of the calling party.

The Sonoma County Clerk’s Office does not collect money owed to government agencies, only for services and documents requested by individuals such as certified copies of vital records, marriage licenses, or fictitious business name filings. The Sonoma County Clerk’s Office never asks for any form of payment over the phone.

If someone claiming to be from the government calls making threats such as arrest and tells you to make a money transfer or go to a store or drug store to purchase a money order, voucher or make some other type of money exchange, payment or withdrawal, do not go along with it.

If you have been financially victimized by this telephone scam, please report it to your local law enforcement and the Federal Trade Commission at


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