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Executive Director Update on Community Development Commission Operations

A message to the Community Development Commission's clients and partners from our Executive Director

Published:  October 11, 2017

During this terribly challenging time, the Sonoma County Community Development Commission and Housing Authority staff is working quickly to restore our normal business operations. We recognize even more deeply than before how devastating it is when our housing is tenuous or lost. In the days and weeks ahead, we will do our best to communicate to our partners about impacts to our ordinary business, like contract deadlines and deliverables, planning meetings, and funding solicitations. Beginning today, 

  • We will seek to assist our voucher holders who've been displaced to locate new homes.  
  • We will deepen our relationships with those who own and manage housing, and with those who are striving to care for those who are homeless regardless of their income. 
  • And we will diligently seek every dollar available from all levels of government and philanthropy to help us begin rebuilding homes and the community alongside the many others across the community who will also be working to rebuild. 

Like all of us in Sonoma County, our own 43 employees have suffered impacts to their homes and the health and welfare of their loved ones.  We will strive to bring our best to work while also supporting our families. And we will remain mindful of the "marathon" nature of the recovery we are all facing.

We honor and deeply appreciate the tireless work of our first responders. Thank you to all the members of our extended community development and housing authority community who've offered their support in these early days, and who will put their shoulders to the wheel with us in the months and years ahead. 


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