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Affordable Housing Inventory

This inventory of rental housing units by jurisdiction was compiled by the Sonoma County Community Development Commission to assist Sonoma County renters in locating affordable units.


Community NameAddressPhoneHousehold TypeTotal Units
Cloverdale Garden Apts18 Clark Avenue(707) 894-3557Senior 62+ or Disab34
Divine Apartments141 Healdsburg Avenue(707) 894-3470Senior 55+32
Kings Valley Senior Apts100 King Circle(707) 894-2961Senior98
Oak Meadows ApartmentsCloverdale, CAnot availableAll Ages15
Quincy Court408 A N. Cloverdale Boulevardnot availableAll Ages6
Vineyard Manor19 Clark Avenue(707) 894-5426All Ages36



Community NameAddressPhoneHousehold TypeTotal Units
Charles Street Village42 Charles Street(707) 665-0370Senior48
Marvin Gardens770A East Cotati Avenue(707) 795-4282All Ages37
Wilford Lane Apartments160 Wilford Lane(707) 793-8454All Ages36



Community NameAddressPhoneHousehold TypeTotal Units
Trenton Court8005 Trenton Courtnot availableAll Ages2



Community NameAddressPhoneHousehold TypeTotal Units
Sea Ranch IP.O. Box 934(707) 785-3976All Ages14
Sea Ranch IIP.O. Box 934(707) 785-3976All Ages31



Community NameAddressPhoneHousehold TypeTotal Units
Fife Creek16376 Fifth Street(707) 869-2000All Ages48



Community NameAddressPhoneHousehold TypeTotal Units
Canyon Run Apartments1689 Canyon Run(707) 473-9266All Ages51
Fitch Mountain Terrace I710 S.Fitch Mountain Road(707) 433-6211Senior 62+ or Disab40
Fitch Mountain Terrace II725 A Heron Drive(707) 433-6211Senior 62+ or Disab20
Foss Creek Apartments40 - 62 Grant Streetunavailableall ages, homeless,64
Harvest Grove293 West Grant Street(707) 431-1416All Ages, Farm Lab44
Oak Grove Apartments1570-1592 Grove Street(707) 433-6640All Ages81
Parkland Senior Apartments1661 Rosewood(707) 433-5367Senior23
Riverfield Homes25 Adeline Way(707) 433-9001All Ages18
Victory Apartments308 East Streetnot availableHomeless4
Victory Studios306 East Streetnot availableHomeless7



(707) 778-7755
Community NameAddressPhoneHousehold TypeTotal Units
Casa Grande Senior Apts400 Casa Grande Road(707) 762-2336Senior57
Caulfield Lane1405 Caulfield Lane(707) 762-2336Senior22
Corona Ranch990 Ely Road(707) 765-2609All Ages74
Daniel Drive70 Daniel Drvie(707) 762-2336Senior5
Downtown River AptsEast Washington(707) 769-9576All Ages80
Edith Street167 Edit Street(707) 762-2336Senior 62+23
Lieb Senior Apartments210 Douglas Street(707) 762-2336Senior23
Lindberg Lane Senior Apts1275 Lindberg Lane(707) 762-2336Senior 62+16
Logan Place1200 Petaluma Boulevard North(707) 766-1790All Ages66
Madrone Village712 Sycamore Lane(707) 765-6226All Ages23
Mountain View Senior Apts306 Mountain View(707) 762-2336Senior 62+24
Old Elm Village2 Sandy Lane(707) 769-3110All Ages87
Park Lane Apartments109 Magnolia Avenue(707) 762-6709All Ages90
Petaluma Boulevard Apts945 Petaluma Boulevard No.(707) 283-0604Special Needs14
Rocca Drive3 Rocca Drive(707) 578-8387Special Needs4
Round Walk Village745 North Mc Dowell Drive(707) 766-8922All Ages129
Salishan Apartments780 Petaluma Blvd South(415) 453-6810Special Needs13
Sunrise of Petaluma815 Wood Sorrel Drive(707) 776-2885Senior 62+15
Vallejo Street I575 Vallejo Street(707) 778-7755Senior45
Vallejo Street II579 Vallejo StreetSenior40
Vintage Chateau I325 North McDowell Boulevard(707) 781-1993Senior244
Vintage Chateau Senior Apt325 North McDowell Boulevard(707) 776-0631Senior 55+60
Washington Creek909 Martin Circle(707) 763-9242All Ages32
Wilson Street 1231 Wilson Street(707) 762-2336Senior 62+10
Wilson Street 2154 Wilson Street(707) 762-2336Senior 62+6


Rohnert Park

Community NameAddressPhoneHousehold TypeTotal Units
Aaron House Rehab735 Bonnie Avenue(707) 664-1554Affordable, Disabled6
Altamont Apartments300 Enterprise Drive(707) 584-0655Senior93
Arbors450 City Center Drive(707) 586-1057All Ages55
Copeland Creek Apartments101 Enterprise Drive(707) 586-9453Affordable, Senior 5170
Edgewood Apartments557 Laguna Drive(707) 585-2241Affordable, All Ages67
Marchesiello6920 Commerce Boulevard(415) 305-6539Affordable7
Muirfield Apartments712 Laguna Drive(415) 345-4440Affordable23
Oak View Senior Living1350 Oakview Drive(707) 585-1800Senior, Disabled45
Park Gardens II1400 E. Cotati Avenue(707) 795-2441Affordable3
Santa Alicia Gardens120 Santa Alicia Drive(707) 793-9270All Ages20
The Vineyards5210 Country Club Drivenot availableAll Ages1
Tower Apartments781 E. Cotati Avenue(707) 794-9340All Ages50
Vida Nueva705 Rohnert Park Expressway(707) 584-3755All Ages23


Santa Rosa

Community NameAddressPhoneHousehold TypeTotal Units
Alderbrook Heights Apts.2220-2260 Brookwood Avenue(707) 544-4696All Ages32
Amorosa Village I & II1300 Pebblecreek Drive(707) 546-3854All Ages148
Apple Valley2862, 2866, 2870, & 2874 App(707) 578-7572All Ages8
Arroyo Point Apts.1090 Jennings Avenue(707) 526-6141All Ages69
Bethlehem Towers801 Tupper Street(707) 544-5560Senior 62+160
Brookdale at Chanate3250 Chanate Road(707) 575-7503Senior 62+24
Carillo Place Apartments3257 Moorland Avenue(707) 575-5508All Ages68
Chelsea Gardens Apts1220 McMinn Avenue(707) 526-6849All Ages120
Colgan Meadows2701 Creek Park Lane(707) 575-7191All Ages83
Country Manor Estates 1380-82 Lance Drivenot availableAll Ages2
Crossings, The820 Jennings Avenue(707) 528-6290All Ages48
Cypress Ridge2239 Meda Avenue(707) 575-4108All Ages120
Del Nido (Studios & 1 bdrm)850 Russell Avenue(707) 542-2883All Ages206
Downtown Apartments431 Beaver Street(707) 527-4006All Ages35
Earle Street439 & 441 Earle Streetnot availableAll Ages2
Edwards Ave. Townhomes948 Edwards Avenuenot availableAll Ages1
Faught Court Townhomes151 Faught Courtnot availableAll Ages9
Feeney Apartments38 Lark Center Drive(707) 935-3792All Ages8
Franklin Park Place1991 - 1995 Franklin Avenuenot availableAll Ages2
Gray's Meadow Apartments2354 Meadow Way(707) 523-0886All Ages51
Jay's Place2805 Park Meadow Drive(707) 284-2632All Ages40
Jennings Court Senior Apts1068 Jennings Avenue(707) 527-6028Senior 62+54
Larkfield Oaks5255 Fulton Road(707) 575-4544All Ages56
Lavell Village165 Lavell Village Circle(707) 526-2717All Ages49
Malibu East Apartments3272 Santa Rosa Avenue(707) 578-8840All Ages, Disabled72
Marlow Apartments3076 Marlow Road(707) 579-5081All Ages24
McBride Apartments2350 McBride Lane(707) 578-0330All Ages12
Monte Vista Apartments1409-1469 Range Avenue(707) 569-7488All Ages105
Newmark II3247 Newmark Dr.(415) 385-2386All Ages10
North Village 12360 Fulton Road(707) 526-2500All Ages14
Northpoint Village I & II2145 Stony Point Road(707) 569-9490All Ages110
Olive Grove Apartments1905-1985 Zinfandel Avenue(707) 575-7901All Ages126
Panas Place2450 Stony Point Road(707) 575-5272All Ages65
Papago Court2824-A Apple Valley Lane(707) 591-0611All Ages48
Paulin Creek ApartmentsApple Valley Ln & W. Steele L(707) 578-7572All Ages48
Quail Run Apartments1018 Bellevue Avenue(707) 568-3455All Ages80
Redwood Park Apartments2001 Piner Avenue(707) 527-6178All Ages32
Rosenberg Apartments306 Mendocino Avenue(707) 544-0322Senior 62+, or Disa78
Rossi/Granite Place Apartments1503 Range Avenue(707) 484-9693All Ages2
Rowan Court2051 W. Steel Lane(707) 542-8194All Ages60
Santa Rosa Garden Apartments4601 Montgomery Drive(707) 539-1109All Ages111
Silvercrest1050 Third Street(707) 544-6766Senior 62+187
Sonoma CreeksideSonoma Hwy & Boas Drive(707) 538-2040All Ages43
Sonoma Gardens700 Rodeo Lane(707) 668-7934All Ages59
Terracina at Santa Rosa471 W. College Avenue(707) 703-1796All Ages98
Timothy Commons419 Timothy Road(707) 569-1652All Ages31
Valley Oak Park2600 North Coast Street(707) 546-1797All Ages231
Victoria Rose421 8th Street(707)542-4700All Ages1
Vigil Light Apartments1945 Long Drive(707) 544-2810Senior,62+, or Spec48
Village Square Apartments2605 Range Avenue(707) 575-9600All Ages26
Vineyard Creek Apartments802 Vineyard Creek Drive(707) 542-1100All Ages232
Vineyard Gardens240 Burt Street(707) 576-0486All Ages36
Vintage Park Senior Apartments147 Colgan Avenue(707) 527-6719Senior 62+120
Vintage Zinfandel Senior Apartments2037 Zinfandel Avenue(707) 528-1971Senior 55+129
Vista Sonoma Senior Apartments1401 Townview Avenue(707) 576-7772Senior 55+76
Walnut Grove Apartments450 Stony Point Road(707) 528-2677All Ages104
Walraven2840 Papago Court(707)591-0611All Ages2
West Avenue Apartments1400 West Avenue(707) 578-4337All Ages40
West Oaks Apartments2542 Guerneville Road(707) 591-9584All Ages52
Windham Village1101 Prospect Avenue(707) 538-5113Senior 62+44
Woodcreek Village101 Boas Drive, Hwy 12(707) 538-2490All Ages50



Community NameAddressPhoneHousehold TypeTotal Units
Bodega Hills Apts.121 W. Hills Circle(707) 823-7950All Ages24
Burbank Heights7777 Bodega Avenue(707) 823-1361Senior 62+ Mobility138
Burbank Orchards7777 Bodega Avenue(707) 823-1361Senior 62+ Mobility60
Gravenstein North I Apts699 Gravenstein Hwy(707) 829-0556All Ages18
Gravenstein North II Apts699 Gravenstein Hwy(707) 829-0556All Ages42
Petaluma Avenue Homes501 Petaluma Avenuenot availableAll Ages45



Community NameAddressPhoneHousehold TypeTotal Units
Cabernet Apartments522 W 7th Street7079961188Senior 62+7
Casablanca Apartments106,124,132 Boyes Boulevardnot availableAll Ages14
Donahue Apartments270 1st Street Eastnot availableSenior10
Firehouse Village578 Second St. West(707) 935-6412All Ages30
MacArthur Street Developm293-291 West MacArthurnot available4
Maysonnave Apartments I270 First Street Eastnot availableSenior10
Maysonnave Apartments II673 1st Street West Aptsnot availableSenior8
Oak Ridge Apartments18800 Beatrice Drive(707) 996-1188Senior - Disabled35
Remembrance745 E. Napanot available5
Sonoma Creek Apartments703-841 Oregon Street(707) 996-5144Senior34
Sonoma Valley Apartments30 W. Agua Caliente Rd. #C(707) 996-5527All Ages16
Sonoma Village Apartments61 W. Agua Caliente Road(707)935-0570All Ages30
Springs Village17302 Vailetti Drive(707) 939-8222All Ages80
Valley Oaks Homes875 Lyon Street(510) 647-0700All Ages43
Verano Avenue Apartments805 Verano Avenuenot availableAll Ages5
Village Green II650 4th Street West(707) 938-4333Senior34



Community NameAddressPhoneHousehold TypeTotal Units
Bell Manor II8780 Bell Road(707) 838-6601Senior42
Forest Winds6697 Old Redwood Hwy(707) 838-3131All Ages48
Prune Tree Apartments8686 Franklin Avenuenot availableAll Ages9
Vinecrest Senior Apts8400 Hembree Lane(707) 838-7038Senior60
Windsor Park Apartments8770 Windsor Roadnot availableAll Ages80
Windsor Redwoods100 Kendall Way(707) 838-6881All Ages65
Winter Creek Apartments421 Winter Creek Lane(707) 838-1337All Ages41


Last updated: 4/15/2015

Contact Information

Business Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
1440 Guerneville Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
38.456899, -122.733918

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