Public Protection

Funding of Sonoma County public protection programs continues to be one of the highest priorities for the Board of Supervisors. The primary purpose of public protection agencies is to provide a secure environment for persons and property.
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The District Attorney is an elected official responsible for prosecuting all public offenses in Sonoma County. The District Attorney initiates proceedings for the arrest of any person charged with a crime in Sonoma County and acts as an advisor to the county Grand Jury. In addition, the District Attorney oversees an Environmental Law and Consumer Fraud division, which handles civil and criminal enforcement in those matter
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The Probation Department is an arm of the Superior Court of California charged with community protection through monitoring and rehabilitating adult and juvenile offenders. Probation is responsible for investigation, supervision, control, and reform of people granted supervised probation. In addition to probation services, the department is responsible for operations at the three county juvenile detention facilities, which include Juvenile Hall, the Sierra Youth Center, and Probation Camp. Probation also oversees the Supervised Adult Crew Program, which operates out of the camp facility.
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The Public Defender has a legal mandate to represent any person charged with a criminal or juvenile offense if they are not financially able to hire private counsel. The Public Defender also represents qualified individuals in probate and welfare cases.
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The Sheriff-Coroner is an elected official responsible for law enforcement, crime prevention, and related emergency services to the unincorporated areas of Sonoma County, as well as the cities of Windsor and Sonoma. The Sheriff- Coroner is also responsible for the operation of the County's two adult detention facilities, and for providing security to the courts.
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