Other Services and Agencies

In addition to the county departments and services previously described, the following list identifies other county departments' services and responsibilities.
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The Agricultural Commissioner is responsible for promoting and protecting the agricultural industry in Sonoma County, and protecting the environment. The department is also responsible for protecting the health and safety of agricultural workers, maintaining the accuracy of weights and measuring devices, and preservation, licensing, and control of all wildlife and livestock in the county.

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These three positions (County Clerk, Recorder and Assessor) are filled by one elected position called County Clerk/Recorder/Assessor.

County Clerk

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The County Clerk is an elected official responsible for issuing marriage licenses, filing fictitious business name statements, processing notary bonds, handling environmental documents, filing conflict of interest reports, and performing civil marriage ceremonies.

Registrar of Voters

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As the Registrar of Voters, the County Clerk conducts all elections in Sonoma County, updates and maintains the voter registration file, verifies petitions, and files campaign statements.


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The Assessor is responsible under State law for the valuation and appraisal of all property in Sonoma County for taxation purposes.


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The County Recorder is responsible for filing and maintaining public documents associated with land transactions, such as deeds, security agreements, liens, and maps, as well as recording and maintaining vital statistics, such as births, deaths, and marriages.

The is an elected official and the chief financial officer for the county.


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The Auditor oversees all accounting functions for agencies under the control of the Board of Supervisors and for districts whose funds are kept in the County Treasury. In conjunction with the County Administrator's Office, the Auditor's office is responsible for compilation, publication and control of the county's budgets.

Treasurer-Tax Collector

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The department is also responsible for payroll, maintenance of the tax rolls, auditing of funds kept in the County Treasury, calculation of tax rates, and distribution of tax receipts. In addition, the department is responsible for billing and collection of property taxes, and assessments.

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The Sonoma County Economic Development Board promotes the startup and expansion of Sonoma County businesses through referral services as well as the development and dissemination of economic data for Sonoma County. On behalf of the Board of Supervisors, the Economic Development Director is charged with coordinating and analyzing economic data on issues impacting Sonoma County. The Economic Development Board also runs the Film Program and the county-wide Tourism Program.

Emergency Management & HAZ MAT

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This department administers the Emergency Management Division, the Hazardous Materials Program, and The Fire Services Division of Emergency Services.

The Emergency Management Division coordinates planned responses to potential county-wide emergencies and disasters. This division handles all training and education outreach related to disaster plans, registers disaster service workers, coordinates CPR classes, and inspects dam areas.

The Hazardous Materials Program issues waste generator permits, underground tank permits and inspections. They are also the lead agency responding to hazardous material spills.

The Fire Services Division of Emergency Services is included in the enterprise agency descriptions on page 18.

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The Local Agency Formation Commission, or LAFCO, is an independent agency under state law, responsible for changes in organization of cities and special districts. The group oversees annexations, new district formations, and incorporations of land. Staff services are provided by the County Administrator's Office.
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This department is responsible for reviewing plans, issuing building permits, and providing construction inspection services in unincorporated areas of the county. Permit & Resource Management is also responsible for enforcing zoning ordinances, the Subdivision Map Act, and the Public Health Code where it applies to land use issues. All applications for projects involving plan amendments, zone changes, subdivisions, use permits, and zoning permits are processed in this department.
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The Regional Parks Department handles all planning, maintenance, renovation, and operation of the county's many parks and recreation areas, including the planning and execution of new facilities. In addition, the department is responsible for the maintenance of grounds at all county facilities, as well as the operation of veterans' buildings, marinas and launch sites. County parks offer access to activities such as camping, swimming, mountain biking, horseback riding, picnicking, hiking, fishing, playgrounds, sports fields, tennis courts, and basketball courts.
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The Roads Division of Transportation and Public Works provides road engineering, construction and maintenance of all county roads. It also contracts or administers contracts to provide public utility services. The Special Projects Division provides for start-up costs for potential new districts and small water system improvements.
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The UC Cooperative Extension program provides Farm and Home Advisor services through an agreement between the county and the University of California. The University provides research and education professionals, while the county provides support staff and operational appropriations.
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