Internal Functions of the County

The following Departments service the internal functions of the County:
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The County Administrator’s Office (CAO) acts as the agent of the Board of Supervisors in managing, directing, and coordinating the operation of all departments under the Board’s control. The CAO is responsible for a variety of activities including proposing and implementing Board policies; acting as the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors; preparing and managing of the county’s budget in coordination with the Auditor-Controller. The CAO also oversees and prepares of the county’s Capital Improvement Program, and manages the county’s Emergency Services function. The CAO appoints the General Services, Fire Services, and Information Systems directors.
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The Clerk of the Board of Supervisors is responsible many support functions provided to the Board of Supervisors, including maintenance of all Board records and agendas, preparation of the Board’s budget, and recording minutes of all Board sessions.
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County Counsel represents the county in litigation and provides legal representation and advice to the Board of Supervisors, county departments and agencies.
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General Services manages the county’s property including buildings, vehicles, and equipment. General Services provides janitorial maintenance, real property leasing and facility debt service, as well as fleet acquisition and maintenance.
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Information Systems is responsible for the management and maintenance of computer systems, telephone systems, two-way radio and emergency 9-1-1 systems, and other specialized electronic systems used by the county. In addition, the department provides reproduction and graphics services, and courier mail service for all county departments, and systems training to county employees.
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The Human Resources Department provides recruitment, selection and job evaluation services and training programs to all county departments, and provides the lead role in negotiating and administering employee relations agreements with recognized county employee organizations. The department also coordinates the county volunteer and intern programs, houses the county Affirmative Action Coordinator and staffs the Sonoma County Civil Service Commission. Human Resources also manage insurance programs such as general liability, the county health plan, workers compensation, long-term disability, and property damage.
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