Health and Human Services

Sonoma County is comprised of 26 distinct departments that provide a wide array of services to residents. From law enforcement to road maintenance to promoting economic development, the county works to improve the lives of residents within the county boundaries. As agents of the state, counties are also responsible for administering many of the State's health, welfare and criminal justice programs.
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The Department of Health Services provides treatment for individuals with alcohol, drug and tobacco addiction, mental health programs (which include 24-hour out-patient care and crisis services), as well as information and education to reduce illness and disease in the county. The department also oversees public health nursing, reproductive health clinics, and services to investigate, treat and control highly communicable diseases. Oversight of emergency medical services and payments to the County Medical Services Program for indigent health care are handled by Health Services. The department also offers public health nuisance abatement services, as well as hazardous materials and consumer protection programs.
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The Human Services Department determines eligibility for various federal state and local aid programs. Programs include: Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), MediCal, General Assistance and Food Stamps, employment services, case management of abused, abandoned or neglected children; foster care and emergency placement services. The Human Services department also coordinates services for adults and senior citizens including, Adult Protective Services, In-Home Supportive Services, hot meals programs, and services for veterans.
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The Department of Child Support Services coordinates the county's Child Support Enforcement Program, which is part of a nationwide effort to collect child support from parents and reduce public assistance costs. The Department of Child Support Services seeks and enforces court orders for both welfare and non-welfare cases.