Agriculture and Tourism

Agriculture and tourism are two major drivers of Sonoma County’s economy. Agricultural production reached $653.2 million in 2009, with the two largest categories being wine grapes ($416.5 million) and livestock and poultry products ($91.1 million). Total grape tonnage increased by 26 percent in 2009 to 212,700 tons. Demographic trends suggest healthy long-term prospects for the Sonoma County wine industry.

Find more details in the Sonoma County Crop Report.

Crop Report 2012

More than 7 million visitors come to the county each year to taste the wine and experience the natural beauty and recreation opportunities in Sonoma County. The tourism industry generates over $1.3 billion annually, which translates into approximately 17,000 jobs from visitor spending. As California’s economic situation worsened, however, fewer people came to Sonoma County. Hotel occupancy rates in fell 56 percent during 2009. Tourism marketing is supported by a non-profit agency formed in 2005, the Sonoma County Tourism Bureau.

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