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How to Donate

Recurring Payroll Deduction Online - Fast and Easy

Payroll deduction begins: January 2019

Look for the email from Announcements@sonoma-county.org sent during the second week of September 2018 to find your user name and temporary password for the e-Pledge Portal.  Using the link given in the email sign on to the e-Portal with the user name and password given and change your password. Then follow the instructions below when you are ready to pledge. Your Employee Campaign Leader will be glad to assist if needed.

  1. Once you have changed your password, you can visit the Combined Fund Drive Pledge Portal.
  2. Select donation by payroll deduction. You can make a new donation or renew last year’s pledge with the same or a different amount
  3. Enter the donation amount
  4. Designate the organization(s) you are supporting (up to 5 organizations)
  5. Verify your personal information
  6. Verify your donation details
  7. Submit and receive confirmation

Perpetual Pledge Online- Automatic Renewal

A simple way to repeat your pledge year after year. Mark your payroll deduction as "Perpetual" on the Verification page and no yearly action is needed. 

You can modify or cancel your pledge through the Combined Fund Drive Pledge Portal at any time.

One-Time Donation

A one-time donation can be made by cash, check, credit card, or as a one-time payroll deduction. Submit the completed pledge form to your Employee Campaign Leader or to Auditor Payroll. Make the check payable to “County of Sonoma Employee Combined Fund Drive”.

Paper pledge forms are available from your Employee Campaign Leader. In support of our environment, paper forms are only available upon request.

Thank you for supporting our Community!

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