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Board Approves Sale of  Chanate Campus Property for Affordable Housing

Santa Rosa, CA  –  July 13, 2017  –  The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors on July 11, 2017 approved a Development and Disposition Agreement authorizing the sale of the 81.56-acre County-owned Chanate property with Chanate Community Development Partners, LLC. The sale may result in the development of up to 800 new residential units, including 20 percent at rates affordable to very low income households, and up to 60 veteran units available to Veterans Supportive Housing qualified homeless Veterans subject to the City of Santa Rosa’s entitlement process.   Between 100 and 250 of all residential units to be developed could be occupied by seniors.

“Today the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the sale of the County’s Chanate Campus,” said Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Shirlee Zane. “This proposal couldn’t have come at a better time considering our community is lacking affordable housing for low income families, seniors and veterans.  Not only will this conceptual proposed development help grow our housing inventories for all, it also preserves open space, including Parcel J.  This property sale reflects community priorities that include avoiding expensive long term liabilities while creating desperately needed housing. The City of Santa Rosa will now embark on a planning process with the development team and community. I encourage stakeholders to remain involved during this process.”

Today’s action furthers the county’s strategic priority of Housing for All. The Agreement includes 20 percent of all residential units be available for very low income households for a period not less than 55 years. These units are based on an annual salary of $41,300 for a family of four, with a rent of $1,033 for a family of four. As a part of that priority, the county envisions a Sonoma County where people at all income levels have choices and the housing market is in balance: Where rents and home prices rise at the same pace as wages, and the vacancy rate for rentals is steady at 5%. Learn more about the county’s strategic priorities at  Strategic Plan 2017 Board Priorities.

Supervisor Susan Gorin said, "We have helped to develop the concept of a complete neighborhood, with housing, services and open space to serve the needs of the surrounding community, all within walking, bicycling and transit connectivity with schools and employment centers. The specific details of the project will be developed by the community and city council in the future. I will work to ensure health service needs continue to be provided and the open space is preserved in perpetuity."

The developer was selected through an extensive process, and a long negotiation has resulted in an overall community value between $41.2 and $71.9 million. The final property cash purchase price of between $6 million and $11.5 million depends upon the number of housing units the City of Santa Rosa approves. Additional components of value include $11 million in avoided costs including the cost of demolition, and between $24 – 48 million in affordable housing development based upon the ultimate number of units approved. The agreement also includes a conservation easement in perpetuity of Parcel J to be recorded at the closing of escrow. The development, as conceptually proposed, will provide for a new mixed use community, including affordable housing, senior housing, veterans housing under the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing program, a village center providing neighborhood retail services, arts and cultural opportunities, extensive open space areas, including improvements to Sonoma County Water Agency and Agriculture and Open Space adjacent properties, and lease back of the existing County Morgue and Health Services Administration facilities.

TheAgreement details also include:

  • Parcel J:  A conservation easement in perpetuity of 10 acres, known as Parcel J, located at the end of Beverly Way
  • Public trails:  At least two miles of public trails will be constructed and maintained by the developer
  • Lease of Public Health Lab/Morgue:  Developer will lease back to the County those buildings housing the County’s Public Health Laboratory and Morgue for $1 per year for a period of five years with an option to extend for another 10 years at 80 percent of Fair Market Value rents.


For more information, please contact County General Services Director Caroline Judy at 565-2431. The Agreement may be viewed on the County’s website at Chanate Complex.


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