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Stakeholders Development and Adoption of the Sonoma County EMS Ordinance

This public comment period will close August 8, 2017

Published:  June 23, 2017

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Coastal Valleys EMS Agency is in the process of creating a new tier to our current Paramedic Accreditation to include Flight Paramedic Accreditation.

A revised process for flight paramedic accreditation has been developed to recognize the unique needs air ambulance providers and personnel have when working in a multijurisdictional capacity.

The policy removes a number of ground accreditation requirements from the flight paramedic accreditation process. CVEMSA will be moving this entire process into the ImageTrend licensure module in the future.

CVEMSA accredited paramedics currently working as flight personnel will be grandfathered to flight paramedic accreditation status at no charge. New flight paramedics who wish to work both for air and ground transport (or air rescue) will need to apply for and complete both accreditation processes to receive Paramedic and Flight Paramedic Accreditation.

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