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January 2016

As we begin this New Year I am reminded how important our collective efforts are in making Sonoma County a place that fosters the personal and community initiatives that make us extraordinary. My themes for this newsletter are issues that concern each of us—housing, transportation, the economy, and public safety. I invite you to read about some of the noteworthy projects currently in the pipeline. Many thanks to all of you I worked with throughout 2015; I look forward to even more progress this year on our shared values.

In this Issue

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    One of the most exciting opportunities to come along last year was The Palms Inn conversion. This project involves a public/private partnership including a local businessman, the County and Catholic Charities, among others, all working together to provide housing to some of our most vulnerable community members.

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    Home sharing is a relatively new concept here as we search for near term solutions to the scarcity of rental inventory. SHARE Sonoma County is a non-profit partner working hard to create affordable housing for aging seniors.

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    We now have 43 miles of brand new continuous welded track – smooth and quiet! We have 48 bridges completely rebuilt or rehabilitated and 56 roadway grade crossings now reconstructed. No more bumpy crossings!

  • Although most gun owners reportedly keep a firearm in their home for "protection" or "self-defense," 83% of gun-related deaths in gun owners’ homes are the result of a suicide-- often by someone other than the gun owner. The reality is that homes with guns are five times more likely to experience the suicide of a household member than homes without guns.

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    The infographic presented gives a variety of demographic and economic information pertaining to the Third District I represent, including central Santa Rosa and most of Rohnert Park. District 3 has a population of 98,082, which is expected to rise to 101,298 by 2020. 19% of residents are of Hispanic origin and the district has a median age of 34.4 years old.