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Wood-burning Appliance Rebates
3-2-1 Burn Clean!

Rebate Incentive Program

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The 3-2-1 Burn Clean! Wood Appliance Replacement Program provides rebates to residents in the Northern Sonoma County Air District who own non-EPA certified woodstoves or fireplaces, and want to change to EPA-Certified woodstoves, stoves or fireplaces fueled by gas or pellets, or electric heat pumps.

Rebates are not available for previously purchased stoves; to participate in this program, do not purchase a stove prior to receiving a signed voucher from the District.

The 3-2-1 Burn Clean! Program was created to reduce health impacts from exposure to wood smoke. Wood smoke contains fine particles which might get trapped deep in the lungs, causing bodily harm, especially in children, seniors, and individuals with asthma or respiratory problems. Exposure to smoke may cause symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing. 

Program Funding and Availability

  • The program was updated November 1, 2016, and will end when all funds are expended.
  • Applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis.

Para obtener información en español, mande email al

Rebate Amounts

$1,000Replace a non-EPA Certified wood burning appliance with an EPA-Certified wood stove or fireplace insert.
$2,000Replace a non-EPA Certified wood burning appliance with a gas or wood pellet fueled stove or fireplace insert.
$3,000Replace a non-EPA-Certified wood burning appliance with a new electric heat pump (no oil, wood, or coal backup burners).
$200Decommission Project: Completely destroy and scrap a woodstove, or decommission a fireplace, to make it permanently inoperable.
$2,000Low Income Supplement: Enrollment in qualifying Low Income Assistance Program, plus demonstrating income meets Low Income criteria.
$1,000Russian River Redevelopment Supplement: Project located within the Russian River Redevelopment Area, as determined by the District.
$1,000Commercial Business Supplement: Commercial businesses using a non-EPA-Certified wood burning appliance as their sole source of heat.

How the Rebate Process Works

REVIEWReview the Application Form completely and thoroughly. Specific instructions must be followed in order for you to receive a rebate. 
RESIDEThe wood stove proposed to be replaced must reside in the Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District (“District”). You can check your address here.
OWNThe applicant must be the owner (or authorized agent) of a non-EPA Certified wood stove, currently installed in a residence or commercial property. 
APPLYDownload and complete the application. You must submit all required documentation for your application to be processed.
WAIT If your application is approved, you will be issued a rebate voucher. Please note your voucher expiration date; documentation of the completed project must be received by the District by this date to receive your rebate. Wait for your voucher before proceeding with your project.
PERMIT Apply for and obtain a permit to install a new heating appliance (or for decommissioning). Call your local building department, or if in an unincorporated area, call the Sonoma County Permit and Resource Management Department (PRMD) at (707) 565-1900 for more information. PRMD recommends you go in person to apply; call to find out the best time.
BUYPurchase an EPA-Certified heating appliance from a reputable dealer.  Have it professionally installed.
INSPECTOnce the appliance is installed, it must be inspected by a building permit inspector. If you are decommissioning a woodstove or built-in fireplace, the project must be inspected once complete.
DISPOSEDispose of the old appliance and complete all requirements in the Voucher Packet, including but not limited to a Verification of Disposal/Decommission Form .  The form must be signed by each party involved in destruction of the appliance, and the parties involved must document the disposal and destruction with photos or video. Documentation of submittal of the destroyed appliance to a scrapping facility, in the form of a receipt, is also required. In the case of decommissioned fireplaces, this step is still required, along with the photos, but it will happen prior to final building inspection. In the case of fireplace inserts, documentation of the installation and written confirmation are required. 
SEND Within 90 days of receiving your rebate voucher, send us the following:  
  • A copy of the rebate voucher
  • The sales receipt for the new appliance
  • Invoice for the installation, if someone was hired to install
  • A copy of the building permit and final inspection sign off
  • The completed “Verification of Disposal” form with supplemental materials
  • photographs of destroyed woodstove or altered or decommissioned fireplace
  • Receipt from scrapping facility for old woodstove or fireplace insert
RECEIVEA rebate check will be issued within 30 days of the District’s receipt of the required documentation. Rebates will not be provided if any required steps are not completed, including submittal of all required documentation. The rebate amount will not exceed the cost of the replacement appliance, installation costs, and related permit costs.

All responsibility for proper installation and operation of a residential woodstove, pellet stove, electric heat pump, or natural gas appliance purchased under the Program rests with the applicant. The District is not responsible or liable for any defects in residential heating appliances purchased with rebate vouchers issued by the District, or for any improper installation or operation of such appliances, or any damage or injury resulting from their installation or operation.

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