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Crop Reports

Each year the Sonoma County Agricultural Commissioner releases a report on agricultural production in the county.

2015 Crop Report

2015 Sonoma County Crop Report title pageThe reported total value for 2015 was $756,508,500 representing a 14% decrease from the 2014 value of $879,665,400.  This report reflects the gross production values; not the net income or costs of production and marketing. 

The 2015 Sonoma County Crop Report celebrates the county’s history of poultry and egg production. Commercial production of eggs in the county remains a critical part of our agricultural system and accounts for over $53.2 million dollars in annual value. Poultry production also remains strong with commercial production of chickens, turkeys and ducks. Sonoma County had the first USDA certified organic chicken on the market back in 1999. One of the ways that Sonoma County has distinguished itself from other agricultural areas of the state is by focusing on the production of premium, high quality agricultural products that are produced in a way that is sustainable, and focuses on good stewardship of the land and our natural resources. This is evident in the production of virtually all of our commodities, including dairy, winegrapes, vegetables, apples and our poultry and eggs.

  • 2015 Sonoma County Crop Report title page

    The reported total value for 2015 was $756,508,500, which represents a 14% decrease from our 2014 value of $879,665,400.

  • 2014 Sonoma County Crop Report title page

    The reported total value for 2014 was $899,015,400, which represents a nearly 6% increase from our 2013 value of $848,323,400. 

  • 2013 Sonoma County Crop Report title page

    The reported total value for 2013 was $848,323,200, representing a slight increase of 4% from the 2012 value of $812,726,100.

  • Crop Report 2012

    2012 Sonoma County Crop Report title page

    The reported value for 2012 was $821,345,000, which is an increase of approximately 41% from the 2011 value of $581,081,700.

  • 2011 Sonoma County Crop Report title page

    The reported value for 2011 was $581,031,700, which is a decrease of 1.7% from the 2010 value of $591,222,000.

  • 2010 Sonoma County Crop Report title page

    The reported value for 2010 was $593,821,700, which is a decrease of 8.6% from the 2009 value of $649,517,900.

Older Crop Reports

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2000's Crop Reports1990's Crop Reports
2009 Crop Report (PDF: 1.53MB)1999 Crop Report(PDF: 3.67MB)
2008 Crop Report (PDF:1.49MB)1998 Crop Report(PDF: 5.72MB)
2007 Crop Report (PDF: 1.46MB)1997 Crop Report(PDF: 5.09MB)
2006 Crop Report (PDF: 2.78MB)1996 Crop Report(PDF: 5.44MB)
2005 Crop Report(PDF: 4.27MB)1995 Crop Report(PDF: 6.72MB)
2004 Crop Report (PDF: 666kB)1994 Crop Report(PDF: 6.50MB)
2003 Crop Report (PDF: 826kB)1993 Crop Report(PDF: 6.16MB)
2002 Crop Report (PDF: 841kB)1992 Crop Report(PDF: 5.67MB)
2001 Crop Report (PDF: 1.21MB)1991 Crop Report(PDF: 4.95MB)
2000 Crop Report(PDF: 4.21MB)1990 Crop Report(PDF: 1.40MB)
1980' s Crop Reports1970's Crop Reports
1989 Crop Report(PDF: 1.60MB)1979 Crop Report(PDF: 881kB)
1988 Crop Report(PDF: 525kB)1978 Crop Report(PDF: 338kB)
1987 Crop Report(PDF: 991kB)1977 Crop Report(PDF: 384kB)
1986 Crop Report(PDF: 500kB)1976 Crop Report(PDF: 707kB)
1985 Crop Report(PDF: 826kB)1975 Crop Report(PDF: 378kB)
1984 Crop Report(PDF: 246kB)1974 Crop Report(PDF: 582kB)
1983 Crop Report(PDF: 465kB)1973 Crop Report(PDF: 959kB)
1982 Crop Report(PDF: 225kB)1972 Crop Report(PDF: 931kB)
1981 Crop Report(PDF: 458kB)1971 Crop Report(PDF: 893kB)
1980 Crop Report(PDF: 2.22MB)1970 Crop Report(PDF: 904kB)
1960's Crop Reports1950's Crop Reports
1969 Crop Report(PDF: 733kB)1959 Crop Report(PDF: 2.28MB)
1968 Crop Report(PDF: 608kB)1958 Crop Report(PDF: 1.28MB)
1967 Crop Report(PDF: 813kB)1957 Crop Report(PDF: 1.57MB)
1966 Crop Report(PDF: 658kB)1956 Crop Report(PDF: 1.44MB)
1965 Crop Report(PDF: 477kB)1955 Crop Report(PDF: 1.82MB)
1964 Crop Report(PDF: 727kB)1954 Crop Report(PDF: 2.11MB)
1963 Crop Report(PDF: 703kB)1953 Crop Report (PDF: 3.13MB)
1962 Crop Report(PDF: 2.62MB)1952 Crop Report(PDF: 630kB)
1961 Crop Report(PDF: 594kB)1951 Crop Report(PDF: 840kB)
1960 Crop Report(PDF: 765kB)1950 Crop Report(PDF: 177kB)
1940's Crop Reports1930's Crop Reports
1949 Crop Report(PDF: 1.67MB)1939 Crop Report (PDF: 81kB)
1948 Crop Report(PDF: 5.79MB)1938 Crop Report (PDF: 805kB)
1947 Crop Report(PDF: 1.07MB)1937 Crop Report (PDF: 302kB)
1946 Crop Report(PDF: 1.02MB)1936 Crop Report (PDF: 381kB)
1945 Crop Report(PDF: 711kB)1935 Crop Report (PDF: 216kB)
1944 Crop Report(PDF: 633kB)1934 Crop Report (PDF: 314kB)
1943 Crop Report (PDF: 650kB)1933 Crop Report (PDF: 166kB)
1942 Crop Report (PDF: 1.16MB)1932 Crop Report (PDF: 173kB)
1941 Crop Report (PDF: 964kB)1931 Crop Report (PDF: 183kB)
1940 Crop Report (PDF: 997kB)1930 Crop Report (PDF: 175kB)

1920's Crop Reports
1929 Crop Report(PDF: 167kB)
1928 Crop Report(PDF: 156kB)

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