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Minutes November 20, 2019

Present: Terry Kelley (Chair), Lea Black, Rabon Saip, Cynthia Scarborough, Diane Spain, Richard Baum, Peter Holewinski, Bonnie Koagedal, Jim Redding, Deanna Shaat, Jenny Helman, Judy Rice, Don Streeper

Absent: Dorothy Fried, Erin Stroud, Judy Rice, Bob Picker, Alain Serkissian, Sean Madison

Guests:  Rosa Reynoza (Sonoma County Resident), Marrianne McBride (Council on Aging - COA), Dean Brittingham (Sebastopol Area Senior Center-SASC), Scotty King (SASC), Monte Cimino (Petaluma People Services Center-PPSC), Donata Mikulik (Senior Advocacy Services), Tobias Weare (California State Council on Developmental Disabilities), Michele Osmon (Catholic Charities), Amy Appleton (SHARE Sonoma County)

Staff: Tracy Repp

Minutes: Bron Anderson

  1. Welcome & Introductions/Announcements (Kelley) – Meeting called to order at 1:03 PM all welcome and introductions made.
  2. Approval of October Advisory Council Minutes (Action) (Kelley) – Motion to approve the October 16, 2019 meeting minutes.
    • Baum/Black (MSC) to approve October 2019 Advisory Council Meeting minutes. Ayes – 14, Noes – 0, Abstentions – 0.
    • Chair’s Report (Kelley)
      • Joy Lovinger resigned from Advisory Council effective 11/12/2019.
        • Lovinger will remain on the Housing Committee
        • Advisory Council members are encouraged to suggest colleagues, friends to fill vacancies. Even if someone may not be able to serve on the full Advisory Council, they could be members of one of the AAA Standing Committees. Please contact Tracy Repp.
    • Director’s Report (Repp for Dunaway)
      • PG&E Public Safety Power Shutdown (PSPS)- Most recent round of power shutoffs have not been as widespread as before. County continues to discuss the effects of PSPS with PG&E.  
      • Staff members Parrish and Cortez are attending California Association of Area Agencies on Aging (c4a) conference this week. Parrish will be speaking about innovations regarding collaborating with libraries in the community to assist people who might need help finding resources. Librarians aren’t trained to provide this type of information. Ideas include having a Veterans Services Claims Workers and Social Workers have scheduled time to assist the public.
      • Emergency Services Manager for Sonoma County, Chris Godley, testified to the Senate about PG&E Power Shutoff impact in Sonoma County. He acknowledged that Adult and Aging staff stepped up to help during the shutoffs in September and October.
        • Karen Fies, Director of Human Services, received California Welfare Director’s Leadership award for leadership in time of disaster events. She was also named to the Long-term Services and Support Committee for California’s Master Plan for Aging. There may be an opportunity for the Advisory Council to inform Fies on aging issues.
      • Program Monitoring of Service Providers funded by the AAA is currently ongoing
        • AAA Staff Judy Erickson, who is coordinating the Monitoring, has reached out to recruit Advisory Council assistance with the monitoring. Monitoring is a great opportunity to hear from service providers, ask questions about the funded programs and assess where they are on contract performance.
      • Transportation and Mobility Committee meeting on 12/12/2019 will be a celebration for Dean Brittingham who is retiring from the Sebastopol Area Senior Center. She was the first Volunteer Driver Coordinator when the program started in 2007-2008 and has been the “master trainer” and resource for all volunteer driver programs that followed. Thanks to Dean.
      • Advisory Council Committee Schedule Changes (Kelley)
        • The change in AAA Standing Committee schedules will begin in February 2020 – No Committee meetings in January. These changes should prove productive to the goal stated during the August Planning Day of a more coherent flow of information and discussion items having the Committees to meet the 1st week of the month, forwarding discussion items to the Executive Committee that meets the 2nd week of the month, then adding items to the Full Advisory Council Agenda that meets the 3rdweek of the month.
      • Senior Resource Guide Inclusion Policy (Repp)
        • Planning and Funding Committee allowed staff recommendation for changes to the inclusion policy for the Senior Resource Guide to move forward.
          • Major change to the guide will be the removal of most “for profit” agencies.
          • The guide will change to assist people in searching for services instead of serving like a directory.
          • Disclaimer about AAA not vetting each agency or organization may appear at each chapter’s title page.
      • Information Sharing and Public Announcements (Kelley)
        • Monte Cimino – Petaluma People Services holding Meals on Wheels Fundraiser – November 29 at Petaluma Hotel from 1-2PM.
        • Amy Appleton – SHARE Sonoma has an Emergency housing sign-up sheet for places to house people during the next emergency. Information can be found on SHARE Sonoma website under SHARE Fire.
        • Marianne McBride – Council on Aging was up and running through the recent fire emergency. Have created a list of volunteers to be ready for future events. If interested, contact Council on Aging volunteer coordinator Lee Gaultin. Renee Tolliver received leadership award from North Bay Business Journal
        • Tobias Weare – State Council on Developmental Disabilities is getting ready for its 5-year plan to provide disability services in the state. On their website,, people can fill out a survey indicating what California residents may need in terms of Disability Services.
        • Dean Brittingham – Sebastopol Area Senior Center – Free holiday dinner at Sebastopol Senior Center on December 11. 
        • Scotty King – Sebastopol Area Senior Center – Retirement party for Dean hosted by the Sebastopol Area Senior Center at was heartwarming.
        • Judy Rice – The Advisory Council appreciates all of the providers attending the Council meetings. Regarding events announced during information sharing; would be helpful for speakers to submit upcoming events and information in writing prior to the Advisory Council Meeting to have context and advanced notice of events.
        • Kelley – Holiday Dinner at Sebastopol Community Church from 1-4PM on December 25. Open to all.
        • Break 2:19 PM. Return 2:32 PM
        • Legislative / Civic Engagement Committee (Kelley)
          • Discussion at November Legislative Committee meeting led to the launch of a trial version of the Civic Engagement Committee. Judy Rice will be assisting Chair Don Streeper to create structure for this trial. Will start in February 2020 and continue for a few months to gauge interest and effect.
            • Legislative aides will continue to be invited, but may be scaled back to 3 times per year depending on Civic Engagement activities.
            • Donata Mikulik – Senior Advocacy Services (SAS) has Elder Justice speaking opportunities for the Civic Engagement Committee. SAS would be willing to share resources and include Advisory Council as appropriate.
        • Meeting Adjourned at 2:50 PM

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