Advisory Council to Area Agency on Aging

The AAA Advisory Council advises the Board of Supervisors on issues and concerns affecting seniors (60 years and over) and adults with disabilities in Sonoma County. Responsibilities include planning, funding, advocacy, program development and coordination of existing services.


Resolution No. 57728, adopted 6-7-77 Resolution No. 69797, adopted 6-30-81 Resolution No. 75616, adopted 11-15-83 (policies amended) Resolution No. 98-0561; 5/5/98 (Bylaws amended) Resolution No. 07-0844; 10/9/07 (Bylaws amended)


Listed in 10/9/2007 BOS Resolution No. 07-0844 approving By-Laws.

Membership Term

Council members may serve for two (2) years and may be reappointed/re-elected for additional terms.

Meeting Schedule

The Advisory Council meets the third Wednesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. (no meetings unless needed in July, August and December). AAA Office, 3725 Westwind Boulevard, Santa Rosa

Membership Composition

Twenty-one members; two from each supervisorial district; eleven members appointed by advisory council, five of whom represent each supervisorial district, and six member at-large positions including a minimum of one member representing Minority Populations and one member representing the Disabled Community. Membership Preference: A majority of the membership must be 60 years of age or older.
21 Members: 4 Current Vacancies
RepresentingMember NameAppointmentTerm Expires
Advisory Council AppointeeDiane Spainjoined 9/20149/21/2018
Advisory Council AppointeeDon Streeperjoined 9/20129/21/2018
Advisory Council AppointeeJen Arentjoined 3/2016, reappt 4/18/20184/18/2020
Advisory Council AppointeeJenny Helmanjoined 4/19/20174/19/2019
Advisory Council AppointeeJudith Eisenjoined 3/2008, reappt 4/18/20184/18/2020
Advisory Council AppointeePeter Holewinskijoined 3/2016, reappt 4/18/20184/18/2020
Advisory Council AppointeeRobert Pickerjoined 10/200810/20/2018
Advisory Council AppointeeSusan Feketejoined 2/20182/28/2020
Advisory Council AppointeeVacantVacant
Advisory Council AppointeeVacantVacant
Advisory Council AppointeeVacantVacant
First DistrictDorothy FriedSumm Act #8, 2/13/20181/26/2020
First DistrictSusan Kornblatt IdellSumm Act #31, 11/15/201611/16/2018
Second DistrictBonnie KoagedalSumm Act #23, 2/21/20172/20/2019
Second DistrictDeanna ShaatSumm Act #44, 7/10/20187/10/2020
Third DistrictJim ReddingSumm Act #13, 9/20/20169/20/2018
Third DistrictRabon SaipSumm Act #21, 2/6/20182/6/2020
Fourth DistrictLea BlackSumm Act #25, 4/25/20174/25/2019
Fourth DistrictVacantVacant
Fifth DistrictAlain SerkissianSumm Act #45, 6/14/20166/1/2018
Fifth DistrictTerry KelleySumm Act #11, 4/4/20174/13/2019

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