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Revenue Accounting 

The Revenue Accounting division is responsible for the billing, collection, and processing of Secured, Supplemental, and Unsecured property taxes for the County. Approximately 178,000 Secured annual tax bills; 30,000 Supplemental tax bills; and 22,000 Unsecured tax bills are issued and processed each year.

The division is responsible for the tracking and accounting of delinquent tax payments and, under the direction of the Board of Supervisors, is responsible for selling delinquent properties at tax sale. In addition to property taxes, the Revenue Accounting division also collects other types of debts owed to the County through its Central Collections unit.

The Revenue Accounting staff provides information and assistance to taxpayers, mortgage companies, and title professionals by phone, in person, and by email.

Property Tax Postponement

The State of California offers a program that allows homeowners who are seniors, are blind, or have a disability to defer current-year property taxes on their principal residence if they meet certain criteria including 40 percent equity in the home and an annual household income of $35,500 or less.

Property Tax Postponement Program information

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