AB 939 Local Task Force

Existing solid waste management and resource recovery committee members.


Board of Supervisors: Resolution No. 90-0437; 3/13/90 Resolution 96-1648; 12/17/96


To develop goals, policies, and procedures which are consistent with guidelines and regulations adopted by the Board, to guide the development of the Siting Element of the County-wide integrated waste management plan.

Membership Term

3 years.

Contact Information

Trish Pisenti, Integrated Waste Division Manager, 707-565-2231 trish.pisenti@sonoma-county.org

Meeting Schedule

Bi-monthly - Second Thursday of the month - 1:30-3:00 p.m. - Main Conference Room at Sonoma County Department of Transportation & Public Works

Membership Composition

Representatives from each incorporated city, organizations with technical expertise and other interested parties as listed below: Local Enforcement Agent, Environmental Health Division; Integrated Waste Mgr., Dept. of Transportation and Public Works; Commercial Garbage Assn (Urban Haulers); Commercial Garbage Assn (Rural Haulers); Non-profit Recycling Organization, So. Co. Environmental Forum, So. Co. Recycling Assn.; League of Women Voters; Sierra Club; Ag. Industry; Chamber of Commerce; Major Manufacturer; Marketing Specialist; Scientist; Education Representative; Community Representatives (5 - one selected by each Supervisor).
56 Members: 18 Current Vacancies
RepresentingMember NameAppointmentTerm Expires
Agriculture Industry (Alternate)Alan SiegleReso 10-0579, 8/3/20108/3/2013
Agriculture Industry (Alternate)Pamela DavisSumm Act #12, 5/17/20165/22/2018
Climate Change OrganizationBrant ArthurSumm Act #18, 8/3/20108/3/2013
CotatiLinda ChristopherReso 10-0579, 8/3/20108/3/2013
Cotati (Alternate)VacantVacant
First DistrictCaroline BanuelosSumm Act #26, 10/22/201310/22/2016
First District (Alternate)Greg CarrSumm Act #31, 7/31/20127/31/2015
Second DistrictVacantVacant
Second District (Alternate)VacantVacant
Third District (Alternate)Kristyn ByrneSumm Act #12, 11/1/201611/1/2019
Third District (Alternate)Richard ZimmerSumm Act #54, 6/12/20126/12/2015
Fourth DistrictStu ClarkSumm Act #19, 1/10/20171/10/2020
Fourth District (Alternate)VacantVacant
Fifth DistrictVacantVacant
Fifth District (Alternate)VacantVacant
Education RepresentativeDawna Gallagher9/13/20119/13/2014
Education Representative (Alternate)VacantVacant
Environmental Health DivisionChristine SoskoReso 10-0579, 8/3/20108/3/2013
Environmental Health Division (Alternate)John AndersonReso 10-0579, 8/3/20108/3/2013
Franchised HaulersRick DowneyReso 11-0489, 9/13/20119/13/2014
Franchised Haulers (Alternate)Judy JamesReso 11-0489, 9/13/20119/13/2014
HealdsburgMarjie PettusReso 10-0579, 8/3/20108/3/2013
Healdsburg (Alternate)Mike KirnReso 10-0579, 8/3/20108/3/2013
Integrated Waste Operations Div. Mgr.VacantVacant
League of Women VotersVacantVacant
League of Women Voters (Alternate)VacantVacant
Local Enforcement AgentJennifer SylvesterReso 13-0246, 6/18/20136/18/2016
Marketing Specialist (Alternate)VacantVacant
Non-Franchised HaulersSteve McCaffreyReso 11-0489, 9/13/20119/13/2014
Non-Franchised Haulers (Alternate)Ernie CarpenterReso 13-0246, 6/18/20136/18/2016
Non-Profit Recycling OrganizationPortia SinnottReso 10-0579, 8/3/20108/3/2013
Non-Profit Recycling Organization (Alternate)Elizabeth BortolottoReso 13-0246, 6/18/20136/18/2016
PetalumaSusan LackieSumm Act #18, 8/3/20108/3/2013
Petaluma (Alternate)VacantVacant
Rohnert ParkChris RogersReso 10-0579, 8/3/20108/3/2013
Rohnert Park (Alternate)VacantVacant
Santa RosaDell TredinnickReso 10-0579, 8/3/20108/3/2013
Santa Rosa (Alternate)Elise HowardReso 10-0579, 8/3/20108/3/2013
Santa Rosa Chamber of CommerceMike DittmoreReso 12-0270, 5/22/20125/22/2015
Santa Rosa Chamber of CommercePaul Brophy
Scientific RepresentativeArthur DeickeSumm Act #9, 2/3/20152/3/2018
Scientific RepresentativeWilliam Pier, Jr.Reso 12-0270, 5/22/20125/22/2015
SebastopolSue KellyReso 10-0579, 8/3/20108/3/2013
Sebastopol (Alternate)VacantVacant
Sierra ClubKen WellsReso 10-0579, 8/3/20108/3/2013
Sierra Club (Alternate)VacantVacant
SonomaKen Brown12/17/2012
Sonoma (Alternate)Linda KellyReso 10-0579, 8/3/20108/3/2013
Sonoma County Recycling Assn.Lisa HardinReso 10-0579, 8/3/20108/3/2013
Sonoma County Recycling Assn. (Alternate)Lee PierceSumm Act #29, 4/21/20154/21/2018
Transportation and Public Works DeptSusan KlassenReso 10-0579, 8/3/20108/3/2013
Transportation and Public Works Dept (Alternate)Trish PisentiReso 10-0579, 8/3/20108/3/2013
WindsorChrista JohnsonReso 10-0579, 8/3/20108/3/2013
Windsor (Alternate)VacantVacant

Need more information? Contact us via email at maddybook@sonoma-county.org.

Contact Information

Maddy Book

County of Sonoma

To update the information on this committee please contact:


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